America Needs A Capitalist Economic System Essay

America Needs A Capitalist Economic System Essay

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In America we have a capitalist economic system. Anyone can makes something of themselves if they have the means to do so. That is one great part about it, if you can do it there is not going to be someone to stop you from doing so, One drawback of it though is there is a lot of failure and corruption involved in the system. People who have the money tend to keep the money in a small bubble and this makes for a extremely large gap in society between rich and poor. If you have a complete socialist government though the wealth is distributed between the whole community and this leads to people not working and still getting. If someone does not have to work why are they going too? This also leads to a country with no motivation for moving forward on the global sphere. These two different economic theories think work the best when they are put together to form a new theory. There is enough distribution of wealth that people still get something; but you must work still. When you have these two in their purest forms they are flawed and can be harmful to the country.
When we think about it countries like Denmark they are more socialist, with a mixture of small capitalist tendencies, they have no minimum wage and still get paid twenty dollars an hour. The country is dominated by unions and this helps everyone get their share of equal pay without government saying they must. However compared to the U.S. the country is small and compact and they are a country of a high cost of living. This is why it is hard for the fast-food workers of the U.S. to compare themselves to their european counterparts.
The United States once had thousands of booming industries, and with that is a cost of higher wages. The United States does not have polici...

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...overnment force that they do accept ruling over them.
America has parts of us to be proud of like our Capitalism, however is it really working since there is a wide gap in wealth distribution, which is why we need some sort of a mix between Capitalism and Socialism like Denmark. Russia and China are also moving toward a scary testing of waters policy that is making European countries weary of them. Because of this I feel like Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz have the best way of handling the foreign affairs. We hear stories from all over the world and it is easy to see information from all over the world with the power of Google, However when looking for Non-Islamic Terrorism it took looking at seven pages before finding one and then doing a specific search to find two more. This is horedouse to think about because only 93% attacks are done by Islamic people.

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