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America, Home Of The Brave And Land Essay

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America, home of the brave and land of the free. Considered one of the richest countries in the world, and a place where equality, the pursuit of happiness, greatness is evident in each person living in the US. All great characteristics that may seem true to persons outside of the United States, however it is far from what is really the case in America. This thriving and accepting post-racial America is the same America that abolished slavery yet till the day, still conducts in bias and discriminative activities that goes against how America is perceived. Since the 2008 Election, there has been discussion of a new era in America: a post-racial society. According to proponents of this idea, race no longer matters. Slavery was abolished in 1865 but was 2008 really the end of racism for our so-called “Post Racial” America? It is safe to say that not only does race still takes a huge toll of the progression of our nation but our America is far from post racial.
Everything in this country has to include race so that there could be bias opinions. If race really does not matter anymore then how come it is always a factor when it comes to education, scholarships, politics, etc.? The federal government, that supposed to fund all schools, funds schools “with an abundance of minorities and poor students over $2000 less than other schools” (Bob Feldman, 358). The excuse for this difference in funding is that the government gives more money to the schools that “perform better academically”, however this is just one of the many ways that America is indirectly keeping racism alive. A plethora of people could argue that this country is post racial because we have our first black president in office for on his second term, which is true. We do hav...

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...ous. Nobody realizing the indirect forms of racism and how race is clearly still a problem is one of the reason why this movement into a post racial is hard to accomplish now. The more and more this country becomes more aware of the controversies and how race is still affecting us, the easier it would be to make this change.
Because of all the different instances where America indirectly proves racism to be evident, we definitely do not live in a post-racial America. Race is constantly brought up and referred to in a bunch of aspects of American society. The progression of America cannot happen unless we not only acknowledge that race is still a problems but also not bring it up as much. No action is being taken unless something occurs and is why we are unable to move to a more complacent and post racial America. To reiterate, we do not live in a post racial America.

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