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The violence is in the illusion. However, the identity is also a dark side. The identity can kill and engender hatred artistically. This is because a strong sense of belonging to a group simultaneously creates a gap compared to other groups. This gap can become antagonism and conflict very easily driven by individuals instigators. Thus, "the internal solidarity of a group can help to fuel the discord between groups." How to understand the identity Regarding the idea of identity are often committed two types of reductionist approaches. The first is to be indifferent to the idea itself. Much of the economic theories do considering individuals as islands that do not pay attention to anything other than themselves. Thus, in our courses in Economics I was unaware of the idea that the decisions of an individual are subject to the decisions of others. The second is the singular affiliation. Much of the thinkers and political theorists use these arguments. Even those who seek to employ instigating violence during riots. A particular classification may generate a reasonable sense of identity according to specific social circumstances. Thus, the existence of some identities can be very ephemeral and contingent. For example, often result in a Peruvian identity curious about football, food, or when there is a problem with Chile. However, it is a bit strong identity and often does not last more than a few days. Michael Sandel said: "The community describes not only what its members have, but what they are. Do not choose a relationship but who discover an attachment. Not simply an attribute, but what is their identity. " However, in Peru the problem is not only discover an identity as the identity of any community must, above all, sought and won. In sum, we have substantial freedom with respect to what priority to give them the identities of which are a part. However, there are strong components such as nationality, sex or religion that this conditional release without eliminating it. Confinement in civilization Globalization and voice The author of a statement of reality: the expectation of creating unaidentidad global moral force is perceived by many as a failure because of the enormous inequalities observed in globalization in terms of asymmetry resources around the world. Thus, in our country inequality is not only quite widespread, but also state policies are not aimed at changing this situation. It is well that the disadvantaged population is receiving fewer benefits from public spending.

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However, Amartya is a valid question: What is it that in reality has failed? It was just concluding that the idea of globalization is not bad per se and which are the political and economic agreements that failed. Personally, I would add that it is the selfish motives of those which led to this failure. However, I believe that these motivations are part of the nature of human beings. Define the concept of globalization is not simple because different issues are merging in the antiglobalization rhetoric. First, it must recognize that globalization is not necessarily westernization or a curse. There have also been global interrelationships that have been productive for the progress of different countries. Through culture, commerce, knowledge and technology. On the other hand, resisting globalization of ideas and practices can become a way of autoboicot of non-Western societies, no matter how valuable it is their culture. For example, it is difficult to imagine the progress of the living conditions of the poor of the world if they are prevented from accessing the great benefits of current technology, global trade opportunities and social benefits of living in open societies. Currently, theorists have already addressed the issue of including the base of the pyramid in trade relations (Business BPO). While such theories show that it is possible to include the poor into the economic circuit and that the potential of this segment to improve their income is huge, have not been able to determine whether these relationships can be created just. The theme of justice in BPO should not be raised as a question: Do the poor who participate are richer or poorer? Even when the poor who participate in the global economy were being enriched, this does not necessarily imply that they are receiving a fair share of the benefits of the nexus. Since the inclusion uneven is just as serious a problem that exclusion, it is necessary to reshape the domestic economic policies. Should be designed models where there are gains from cooperation, as well there may be many alternative arrangements that benefit each party to a greater extent than the absence of cooperation. In the model of John Nash, for example, the main issue is the concern that the divisions of benefits arising from the various alternatives are just divisions, in relation to other arrangements that could have been chosen. However, the key is to ensure that these arrangements is not enough to stop work on autopilot for Market Economics. It does not work within a single country, so expect to work alone in the globalized relations is really naive. Multiculturalism and freedom I need is dialogue and reason. To reason about particular components of every religion and accept differences. All this based on the priorities and actions of individuals are influenced by all their affiliations and not simply because they are like a religion or community. Freedom of thought The violence of today is no less cruel, no less simplistic than it was sixty years ago. Underlying this phenomenon there is a great ideological confusion since it has turned human beings into one-dimensional creatures. Those who have the goal of creating confrontation and violence generate rely on this fantasy of a unique identity. Apparently, this deceptive illusion is easy to nurture and promote the masses. It should not be forgotten, however, that the specific identity that are being targeted is a genuine identity. Many groups behind the endless strikes in our country used this mechanism to infect the masses. For example, seeking to define identities antagonists based on the economic situation: the rich versus. Poor. With regard to the theorists who believe they have discovered a conflict (clash of civilizations), you probably do not realize that their theories to influence the social thought, political action and public policy. So, we really are contributing to the creation of the conflict unconsciously. Finally, it is possible that the protesters are not always right, but most of them posed questions relevant to contribute constructively to public reasoning. Sin embargo, abría que preguntarnos si las manifestaciones en nuestro país y movimientos políticos están planteando preguntas claves que generan razonamiento público o si se trata de movimientos e iniciativas vacías. The answer would be, at best, disappointing.
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