Alzheimer 's A Disease Within The Elders Essay

Alzheimer 's A Disease Within The Elders Essay

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Alzheimer’s is a disease within the elders. This disease consists of having a difficult time focusing, doing daily activities, and feeling confused or lost (Understanding Alzheimer 's Disease: the Basics, 2015). According to the scientist there are few causes of this disease. For instance, genetics place a huge role for people who have Alzheimer’s. There is now a proven fact that there are two types of genes in the human body that can specify whether or not some will develop Alzheimer’s (What We Know Today About Alzheimer 's Disease, 2015). For an example, if someone’s parents or siblings have Alzheimer’s disease there is high chance of that person getting the disease as well. Many would like to know more about the treatment for this disease, but there is not a way to cure it. There are ways to slow the process down by using inhibitors even though my may not always work (MayoClinic, 2014).

Alzheimer’s is a disease which causes people to have trouble focusing, doing normal daily activities, feeling confused, having mood swings, being lost, they occasionally have physical problems, and trouble communicating (Understanding Alzheimer 's Disease: the Basics, 2015). With this disease, it is extremely tough on the person with the disease, but also for the people around them as well. For an example, when the diseased person is having a tough time remembering things that day, the person who is taking care of them has to find a way to help them come back to it.
However, causes of Alzheimer’s could be a combination of genetic, lifestyle and environmental factors that may have disturbed the brain over time. Two types of defects that are considered trademarks of Alzheimer’s is plaques and tangles (MayoClinic, 2014...

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...wonderful time not only for the patient, but also for the family too.

Writing this paper truly made me think about my future as I age. In my family there a series of family members that have this disease on both sides of my family. While writing and researching this interest of mine I learned that I could eventually obtain this disease. I have always said I wanted to get myself genetically map to find out what my future looks like, but my family always thought I was crazy for it. After learning more about this disease it makes me more curious and what to know if I have the gene of Alzheimer’s. From experience I have an idea about how difficult it is on people with the disease and their loved ones. Alzheimer’s disease is almost like cancer in a way. For an example, there is no cure for it all the doctors can do is slow down the process for it.

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