All My Sons by Arthur Miller: A Modern American Tragedy Essay

All My Sons by Arthur Miller: A Modern American Tragedy Essay

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All My Sons by Arthur Miller produced by Scrappy Coco Productions, is based on the modern representation of an American tragedy about the Keller family in 2010. Family man Joe Keller, a middle-aged, successful entrepreneur makes a decision which leads to tragic outcome. Under government contract he was to produce a fleet of Toyotas for members of the military. Joe approves the use of faulty parts on a production of these automobile’s resulting in the death of hundreds of military men. To protect his freedom Joe frames his business partner. With all that is going on, Joe’s wife mourns their deceased military son, his business partner’s daughter in soon approaching her marriage to his son and his entire life begins to totally become unhinged.
Scrappy Coco Productions uses the theme of survival to narrow down who exactly our audience is. By doing this we have agreed that that our audience consists of those who have a considerable amount of life experience. The target market for All My Sons is active consumers that are college students, adults and the elderly.
Since our demographic consists of three different groups, our goal is to reach them using a multitude outlets pre and post opening week. Some of the outlets we have decided to utilize are brand ambassadors, print ads, mobile marketing, social media, podcasts, search engines and the classic word of mouth. Our main purpose with using these various outlets is to provide the promotional tickets prices for the month prior to the start of our production. Depending on the seating options, a discount will be applied to the normal pricing of seating: balcony $25 - 30, mezzanine $36 - 105 and orchestra $60-105 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM). A larger discount will be applied...

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...oogle Scrappy Coco All My Sons to find us and either one of our social media outlets will pop up in the google search. The way we can ensure links to our production pops up is through the use of Adwords.
Google runs Adwords which is a product used for advertising. Google AdWords is an online advertising service that places advertising copy at the top or bottom of, or beside, the list of results Google displays for a particular search query. We find this analytics system to be a door opener for us in conjunction with all our other routes for reaching our audiences.
Lastly, the simplest form of marketing is word of mouth. The staff and actors of the play will be given flyers to aid in the promotion of the production. We will also invite local socialites, independent and commercial critics from newspapers and social media to review the production of All My Sons.

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