Essay on Alice Herz-Sommer: The Oldest Known Survivor of the Nazi Holocaust

Essay on Alice Herz-Sommer: The Oldest Known Survivor of the Nazi Holocaust

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The oldest known survivor of the Nazi Holocaust, Alice Herz-Sommer, died at 109 and minus the two years in the concentration camp in Terezin, she went on to live a fairly good life. At 109, Alice Herz-Sommer is known as the oldest known survivor of the Nazi Holocaust.
Alice Herz-Sommer was born on November 26, 1903, to Friedrich and Sofie Herz in Prague, Czechoslovakia. She died on February 23, 2014 in London, England, United Kingdom while she was in the hospital. Alice’s dad died before the Holocaust. The lowest point in her life during her two years in the concentration camp was in 1942, when her seventy-three year old mother was sent to Treblinka an extermination camp from Theresienstadt (“Alice Herz-Sommer”).
She was from a privileged secular Jewish family. Alice and her family spoke German. Alice had five siblings and they were all highly educated. Alice’s father was a very well-known merchant and her mother was highly educated and somewhat a well-known musician and composer. When Herz-Sommer was just sixteen she was the youngest student at the German Music Academy. There were a lot of times that Alice was the featured piano soloist with the Czech Philharmonic. Alice really enjoyed her extremely successful career as a pianist (Frantz). When Alice was a young girl she became great friends with Franz Kafka and Gustav Mahler. Franz Kafka was a highly influenced German author. Gustav Mahler was a leading conductor and composer (Fox). They were good friends with her mother.
She started playing the piano at around the age of five. She had learned how to play piano from her older sisters. By her late twenties, Alice was well-known through Central Europe for playing the piano (“109 Year Old Alice Herz-Sommer”).
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...2014. .

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