Alexis De Tocqueville And Karl Marx Essays

Alexis De Tocqueville And Karl Marx Essays

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Alexis de Tocqueville and Karl Marx are two different philosophers that undeniably had different opinions on countless themes. They both had strong opinions and delve into the topics of community, individualism and inequality. One would say that they differ in countless ways about democracy and inequality, however when dealing with individualism they seem to agree on how the society should come together. The perspective Marx and De Tocqueville take on each of these subjects is different but their overall message seems to give away the same sort of thought. When looking back on these ancient sociologists how does one know which of them were right and which to believe. When looking at community, individualism and inequality we examine the works of Karl Marx and Alexis De Tocqueville’s history and the distinction of the two opinions of what each means and what what it means and how it affects societies in the past and modern society.
As it was specified, Karl Marx and Alexis De Tocqueville conflict on their views of what community is and the democracy behind it. As stated in class Marx believes that community is “the working class unified and that the proletarians if necessary are willing to set aside their partial interests for the sake of the common, long term interests of the entire working class” (Veugelers). In a way the society is governing itself but it is a form of solidarity. Marx strongly agrees that community is a way of having class for itself which was a class consciousness, meaning they were aware of their unified interests. On the other hand De Tocqueville believed that as social equality spread that there were more people who thought neither rich nor powerful have enough to have much hold over others. He states...

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...perience alienation that is viewed as the workers developing more separation and solitude with their own job developing into a feeling of helplessness. For alienation to change and social classes to be demolished, Marx concluded that capitalism had to be take away and be replaced by an arrangement that would benefit everyone and that would have equality.
Therefore when looking at community, individualism and inequality we examine the works of Karl Marx and Alexis de Tocqueville’s history and the distinction of the two opinions of what each means and what what it means and how it affects societies in the past and modern society. De Tocqueville and Marx’s perspectives states different opinions on community and inequality however when it comes to individualism they somehow come to the same conclusion which would make one believe that they are not so different after all.

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