Alcohol Use And Unsafe Sex Essay

Alcohol Use And Unsafe Sex Essay

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According to the World Health Organization, "alcohol use and unsafe sex are common behaviors and are responsible for a large proportion of the overall burden of diseases". In other words, people who are under the influence of alcohol are less likely to practice safe sex. Risky sexual behaviors increase the chances of becoming pregnant and/or contracting an sexually transmitted disease. Adolescents in particular, are one of the more common groups to consume alcoholic substances and engage in sexual activities(WHO,2005). Puberty, increased independence as well as physical, lifestyle and emotional changes are some of the many adjustments that adolescents must face. Because individuals undergo extreme developmental changes during their adolescent stage of life, one may feel more inclined to consume alcohol and/or engage in risky sexual behaviors (NIAA,2006). These developmental changes and decisions to engage in various risky-behaviors make high-risk groups of adolescents in particular especially important to identify.
Adolescents who partake in risky sexual behaviors are at higher risk for several adverse consequences. Some of the life-changing consequences that are a result of risky sexual behaviors include: HIV, teen pregnancy, and other sexually transmitted diseases (CDC, 2014). In 2009, 8,300 young people between the ages 13-24 years had contracted HIV infection in the United States. People between the ages of 15-24 accounted for almost have of the 19 million new STD 's seen each year. Additionally, 400,000 teen girls had given birth in 2009 (CDC, 2014).
Alcohol is indeed a risky-behavior alone. Engaging in this risky behavior can lead to other risky behaviors such as sex for example. There has been extensive research on alco...

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...some states who do participate. Extremely low response rates make it impossible to receive weighted results that are valid and reliable. Minnesota, Oregon, and Washington are the three states that are not participants in the YRBSS. Every YRBS is administered in the springtime of an odd year. The results are then released during the summer of the following year (CDC FAQ, 2014).
Next, I will explain how I plan to use the YRBSS results in order to carry out further data collection procedures. Using the SPSS IBM system I will input data individually from the secondary data set in order to obtain the results that are needed to test my hypotheses. I will merge the data in order to determine calculations using SPSS. The calculations will then allow me to compare and contrast the similarities between the selected behavioral categories and variables within each category.

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