Pros And Cons Of Birth Control

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We already know that some minors are stupid enough, naive enough, or defiant enough to have sexual intercourse with another person. That is all you need to know to figure out if minors should or should not be able to use birth control, if they’re going do it anyways, they should be able to protect themselves for the future. Approximately 1 million adolescent teens become pregnant each year and 86% of STI’s (Sexually transmitted infection) happen between ages 15-29 years old, showing just how big of a social issue this is for Americans. A valid argue against is, if you don 't let them protect themselves, they won’t have sex at all, fearing the consequences. This essay will cover why it is imperative that it is legal for minors to use birth…show more content…
Also if you are against abortion this can benefit you as well. Two studies one from researchers in St. Louis and the other from researchers in Iowa provided solid evidence that access to effective birth control can make a difference in this arena. Both studies made super effective birth control methods available and affordable to local women over several years. And both studies resulted in major decreases in unplanned pregnancy and abortion.On the national level, almost half of all pregnancies in the U.S. were unplanned as of 2006, and 43% of those unplanned pregnancies ended in abortion.Of all the women in the U.S. who are having sex and not trying to get pregnant, two-thirds of them use birth control consistently and correctly and those users account for only 5% of unplanned pregnancies. The other 95% of unplanned pregnancies were to the third of U.S. women who weren’t trying to get pregnant but weren’t using birth control or were using it incorrectly or inconsistently. Another large group of people we can hit with these statistics are simply, women. Birth control has wonderful benefits for all teen or adult females who are sexually active. It can be great for their health being that pregnancy is a very risky business and can have a toll on…show more content…
One such argument is that if you give a teen this drug that lets them have sex without the consequences of being pregnant, they will have more sex as they see no reason not to. Furthermore, they might be blind sided by the realization that they now have an STI, as most forms of birth control for women have little to no protection against the infections that their partners may or may not have. It is their ignorance that will blind them as these articles have said. There is an obvious counter to this argument, in that you can teach how this protection must not be taken lightly and that they do not make you invincible. Give them the knowledge of how they will be affected, even with the protection given, and they may be smart enough to heed your warnings and accept your advice as fact. Another argument I found said, and I quote, “[how can you] think 9- and 10-year-olds that can’t see a PG-13 movie can take Plan B and read the instructions?”. 9 and 10-year-olds read the instructions. Just about everyone I know could read by the time they were that age, they could walk and talk too (sorry I just find that argument really dumb). The arguments put against teens having birth control are all really weak and don’t hold much weight compared to all the evidence that giving teens

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