Alcohol Abuse And The Indications Of Depression Essay

Alcohol Abuse And The Indications Of Depression Essay

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There is a certain connection between alcohol abuse and the indications of depression. Whenever someone is depressed, they might consume alcohol to find a temporary relief from the pain. There are certain circumstances where someone may overuse alcoholic substances. When this becomes a regular occasion, this can affect your body and lead to a depressive disorder. For me, I had no idea how something so small would turn into a problem.
At the time I was going through a breakup and family matters. Each day felt emotionless for me, until one night I went out with a couple of friends and began to have a couple of drinks. I took the first drink, following after the second, then the third, and so on and so fourth. In the beginning I would occasionally drink every other weekend until it started becoming an everyday habit. The days, and weeks passed and I found myself consuming alcohol more often for countless of reasons. My cravings developed to a point where I needed to drink to get myself through the morning, then more to get me through my classes. Alcohol was my motivation for any social...

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