The Aging Of The Central City Essay

The Aging Of The Central City Essay

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As we have seen, the aging in the Central City are "hard-to-reach", often house bound, ill, unmotivated, isolated, and ignored.
This project aims to make available direct person-to-person assistance for those over age 60 who need help meeting these needs, overcoming personal problems, or in making more constructive use of their time and talent. The project aims to employ as many aging as possible while providing vital contact with other aging people. The program will provide a number of specific services through the project itself or other agencies working in collaboration with the project. By helping aging people to help each other, and collective needs, it will help to reduce physical and mental illness, and the causes of poverty.
There are a number of community efforts that they do not seem to know about and of which they do not make use.
Other approaches than group and recreational techniques are required if these aging people are to be involved and if they in turn are to discover the community and what it can offer them.
In order to involve, motivate, and serve the aging, we must think in terms of concrete services, such as companionship, extended home-health services, portable meals, help with transportation and medical advice. Although these aging home-bound persons may desire "involvement ', "discussion", "recreation", and "fun", experience has proved that they are not attracted by these offerings alone. Our friendly visitors will, therefore, offer certain concrete services designed to help aging persons, and at the same time involve them in community life.
Lastly, we assume that the aging from the area can be hired on a part-time basis to perform these services. We will not seek aging from other parts of t...

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...cting the evaluation. The success of the overall project will be measured in several ways:
l. The degree to which the persons related to the program have become more self-sufficient in their private and public life through more satisfactory living arrangements.
2. The extent to which the older persons in the Central City become more actively involved in affecting the outcome of social and public issues.
3. The number of persons who make use of the medical, catering or homemaker services and extent to which these services help to make them more self-sufficient.
4. The extent to which the entire program is able to create a conscious level of concern for the problems of the aging both among the aging themselves and in the community at large.
5. The number of people who can remain in their homes who ordinarily would have gone to rest homes or homes for aged

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