Essay on The Aging Memory: A Research on Working Memory and Recall

Essay on The Aging Memory: A Research on Working Memory and Recall

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The aging memory: short-term memory and recall performance differences found in age groups.

1. Introduction
The following research proposal aims to continue to further the discussion and study into human memory. However, specifically more into the difference that can be found between age groups in terms of short-term memory and recall performance.
Motivation to undertake in such a study can be said to expand on the existing knowledge as well as to close any gaps due to lack of insight and testing in specific areas – short-term memory and recall performance. Another reason as to why this topic is being researched is to further my own interest within this specialised area of memory as well as cognitive neuroscience in psychology.
Research Question
Are there any significant differences that exist between short-term memory and recall performance in young adulthood and middle adulthood?
There are significant differences that exist between the two age groups with regards to their short-term memory and recall performances.

2. Literature Review
There has been many research endeavors into the topic of the aging memory specifically short-term memory and recall performance with age. However, there seems to be a lack of research regarding the difference found between young and middle adulthood.
The vast knowledge on memory that has been gathered will be used to help support and gain a better understanding on the findings that would be brought forward at a later stage. However, it is necessary to gain insight into previous literature on human memory as well as the aging memory.
It is important to define the key concept, memory, before further discussion on this topic. Memory, according to Austin et al.(2012, p. 660) ...

... middle of paper ...

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