Aging Is Inevitable By Dan Buettner Essay

Aging Is Inevitable By Dan Buettner Essay

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Living to a hundred years old seems impossible to reach. As Dan Buettner explains there
are many myths with this. The first being you have to have a good lifestyle and you would have
had to win the genetic jackpot. The other myth many people fall for, that there are treatments that
can help stop the aging. Aging is inevitable. As Dan says “, only about one out of 5,000 people
in America live to be 100…But life expectancy in this country is only 78.”In Dan’s speech, he
talks about Blue Zones him and his team found all around the world where the people there live
to a hundred or older. The Blue Zones include the island of Sardinia, Italy, Okinawa, Japan, and
Loma Linda, California. All the Blue Zones have different lifestyles that help them live to one
hundred like on the island of Sardinia, their diet consists of plant-based foods and they feed their
animals with corn instead of grass-fed animals like in America. Okinawa is very similar where
their diet is also plant-based but they also tend to eat smaller portions of food. However Loma
Linda is a little different because they focus on God and follow his ways where he talks about
vegetables and plants. If Americans would adopt some of these habits of the Blue Zone areas,
there would be more people living to be a hundred. However, Longevity with Virginians is
highly unlikely because of the unhealthy lifestyle, the big food portions, and many relationships
such as friendships, family, or community relationships.
Americans, more specifically Virginians live an unhealthy lifestyle. In today’s world
people do not care about how long they are going to live. This is because they are so use to bad
habits such as little to no physical exercise or less natural movement, they eat greasy fas...

... middle of paper ...

...e experienced this myself. When people
move a lot, they tend to not speak to their old friends as much just because they do not keep in
touch or have time to go back and visit all the time. It is also how people connect with one
another. In Virginia, it is fairly small but many people want to get out of the area for bigger and
better opportunities. They normally lose touch along the way from their childhood friends.
Longevity is possible with the correct things. Death is inevitable but the length we live is
up to us. People underestimate themselves with how much we can change but people in Virginia,
transforming their area to a Blue Zone is very unlikely because of their unhealthy lifestyle, their
big portions sizes, and their bad relationships with people. However people in Spotsylvania have
more of a chance to adopt these habits because of how small the area is.

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