After Their Wedding, Everything Was Perfect Essay

After Their Wedding, Everything Was Perfect Essay

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After their wedding, everything was perfect. The two girls experienced pregnancy together and that allowed them to talk and comfort each other through the struggles of motherhood. Luckily both of their pregnancies were healthy and flawless.
Today was Lexi’s due date and Logan was nervous and excited. He woke up early and looked at her laying in the bed. He looked at her stomach, admiring its perfect roundness. Just looking at her stomach stirred pride within him. His leopard roared with pride, knowing that he would meet his pup today.
Lexi and Logan had decided to keep the sex of the child a surprise and had names picked out for either sex. If it was a boy they would name him Jason and if it was a girl they would name her Sophie.
Logan was excited to meet his pup and ran his fingertips over Lexi’s distended belly slowly. It was so big. Logan knew his pup would be strong and healthy, he was sure of it. He watched as Lexi slept on, her breathing calm and steady. Logan moved closer to the belly, pressing his ear into it. He smiled as he heard the strong heartbeat. He was so excited. Waiting would be the death of him, he swore.
Eventually all the fussing about finally woke up Lexi. She smiled at Logan, seeing him near her stomach, knowing he was listening to the baby. He had been so good to her these past seven months, making her as comfortable as possible and buying her whatever she needed for the baby. She couldn’t have asked for a better husband.
She ran her fingers through his hair slowly before saying, “Are you ready to meet our baby today?” Logan nodded, excitedly before moving up to her lips, kissing her. Even in her swollen state she was beautiful. He caressed her cheek and kissed her forehead.

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...e was nice and warm. He couldn’t risk the baby catching a cold. Logan held Jackson now in one hand while wrapping an arm around Lexi’s waist and walking them inside.
Eventually they stood together, the picture perfect image of a happy family. Logan was holding Lexi close to his chest as she held Jackson in her arms and then they both looked down at their baby.
“Can you believe we made this?” Lexi looked up at Logan as she asked the question. She didn’t think she would ever be capable of creating sure a beautiful little baby. She was glad he had his father’s beautiful eyes. He already looked so much like his father and that made her happy.
“Nope. But I am sure glad we did.” Logan chuckled and Jackson looked at his father, giggling at the sound of his father’s chuckle. They all smiled at each other before laying down, enjoying life’s precious moments.

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