Analysis Of Interpersonal Communication

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Dear Joseph and Michelle, I would like to congratulate the both of you on your recent engagement. I am very excited that I was chosen to be a part of your special occasion. My husband and I have been married for 9 years and I can assure you that I am the best person for your situation being that I just finished taking a course on interpersonal communication. Communication is very important in any type of relationship. Marriage is built on having effective communication with your partner. This letter will explain the strategies for managing interpersonal conflicts, and how emotions and nonverbal communication can affect a relationship. I am excited to share with you some of the things I have learned. Communication while within a…show more content…
If you want your relationship to grow not only do you need to communicate, but you also need to be an effective listener. There are four different types of listening skills that we engage our everyday lives which includes comprehension listening, listening you use for facts and information; evaluative listening which is the type of listening you use for sales and negotiation empathic listening, in which you try to put yourself in someone else shoes to understand their feelings and appreciative listening, which you engage in for pleasure (Bevan & Sole, 2014). Effective communication requires practice and in order to be competent communicators, both have to take responsibility for your own communication behaviors. Sometimes your interactions with each other may affect how well you communicate with each other. Transitioning into the marriage life can sometimes be stressful, since it’s new to the both of you. When both sides of a couple expose their minds and listen fully to what is conveying from one person to the other, they can avoid any misperceptions that may…show more content…
If a conflict occurs and it’s not handled correctly, it can cause one or both of you to become defensive toward each other. If both parties have two different opinions, it can sometimes lead to a conflict which causes people to have a misunderstanding. It is better if you deal with the conflict in a positive way. According to the text, “Paying attention and modifying your behavior, checking your perceptions with other people, practicing effective listening skills, and using the skills of emotional intelligence can all be useful means of diminishing conflict” (Bevan & Sole, 2014). If you use these techniques they can help reduce interpersonal conflict from occurring. There really isn’t no way to avoid conflict, but you can change the way you communicate to solve the problems that you may face in your marriage. When you learn how to solve conflicts successfully it can help improve your relationship. You must develop a strategy in order to manage interpersonal conflict. If you want to avoid conflict due to perceiving things the wrong way, you must properly determine the genuine meaning behind the message before forming judgements. Your marriage can be filled with happiness, but there will be some disagreements. If a situation comes up before blowing it out of proportion you should first identify the
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