African Americans And African American Colonization Essay

African Americans And African American Colonization Essay

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During the time known in America as the period of Jim Crow, after decades of slavery, free African Americans were still tormented with inequality and discrimination. African American people were held under laws and restrictions, unlike privileged white Americans. Jim Crow Laws enabled prejudice to proliferate, which made it difficult for African Americans to prosper. Through this perilous era, there were many campaigns and strategies formed to progress the Freedom Movement, such as the African American Colonization Society, who helped African Americans immigrate to Africa. Additionally, the Niagara Movement, an all black society working toward civil rights frequently came to the aid of African Americans through the Jim Crow period, as black prosperity was often met with resistance. Because of people like Ida Wells, James Weldon Johnson, and W.E.B. Dubois, willing to speak up for the rights of all Americans, the freedom movements degraded the marginalizing effects of Jim Crow. The Harlem Renaissance was the beginning of the African Americans freedom of expression and speech invigorating the Civil Rights Movements and the assurance of equality somehow missed in the Declaration of Independence.
The Republican Party was formed in 1854, as an opposition to the Federalist Party to defeat slavery. Federalists believed that only the wealthy should be represented and could provide a stable government, all others would benefit by having an active governing body. The Republicans, on the other hand, believed that every person should be represented. They believed that ordinary citizens could govern themselves and a central government would bring only more repression than repair (p. 10.3.1). The Republican Party, commonly known as the...

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Since the dark past of American experience remembered for its inequality and hostility of American against American, there have been many great African American heroes. We can remember Ida Wells for her language, W.E.B Dubois for his pose and firm stance, and Dr. Martin Luther King for his patience and belief in peace. These American icons would be a significant part of the momentum and movement that would eventually thwart the Jim Crow Laws of our land, which were implemented, to favor some and repress others. The Harlem Movement and it role in igniting the Civil Rights Movements of the 1950s and 60s, will also be recognized as a hard fought campaign to deliver equality so damaged by decades of slavery and segregation. As there is still more to be done, we can identify with the courage of a few that led to positive change in a reluctant nation.

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