Essay on African American Women Advocate For Social Change

Essay on African American Women Advocate For Social Change

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African American women advocate for social change in the Progressive Era by forming and participating in organizations that advocate for women 's suffrage, racial violence, and improvement of social conditions within the black communities and neighborhood.
African American women were increasingly outspoken about civil rights and racial violence during the twentieth century and were active protesting for women 's suffrage (442). Although African American women were excluded from most of the organization that fought and protested for violence against women, and women suffrage. A white organization that advocated for White Women to vote, not women of color did not allow not only African Americans but other women of colored as well. As Mary Church Terrell expressed when she was the only Black, colored women invited to the American delegation to the 1904 Berlin International Congress of women that she did not see a single delegate from Japan, China, India, or any other country that have colored people (448). Black Women did not allow such exclusion to keep them from protesting for the right to vote, and for the right for equal protection and treatment. They express what believe in and what they are fighting for. Nannie Burroughs were one of those women.
Nanne Burroughs explain why Black Women wanted the Ballot during 1915 Women Suffrage, and she found that Black women carry a burden (446-447). Burroughs expresses that Black women want the Ballot because they want to get back what a Black man misused (447). They feel like they have to pick up the slack that why they carried the burden of the church and of the school (447). Black women activist during and after World War 1 encouraged other Black women to engage in international issues su...

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...w this as injustice because they brutally murder a pregnant woman who was protesting the murder of her husband and accused of killing a white person (445). The outrage felt by Black women call for the establishment of the Federation of City Colored Women’s Club. The women passed a resolution that they send to President Woodrow Wilson, Governor Hugh Dorsey, and the president of the state and local white women’s club federations who allowed them to publish their resolution in the Savannah Tribune titled “Negro Women Hold Humiliation Service.” (446) This was a way of protesting against the brutality against women who had a similar experience as Mary Turner (445-446). The hard work and dedication paid off for Black women when the presidents of the state and local white women’s club federation allowed Black women to published their resolution in the Savannah Tribune (446).

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