Affordable Education At Highly Ranked Schools Essay

Affordable Education At Highly Ranked Schools Essay

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Social mobility is an aspect of life that can be equivalent to achieving the American dream. One of the most pressing social justice issues of the twenty-first century is providing the opportunity for every American to pursue an education that could potentially unlock a life of reward and fulfillment. Achieving this goal, however, remains a formidable challenge, especially given the wide disparities in postsecondary access among Black, Hispanic, and low income students. As programs become available that permit people of lower class to gain access to higher education, their future earnings and the future educational success of their children are enhanced. Social mobility has been slowly rising, and with each passing year the hope of achieving a better life is diminishing. Therefore, affordable education at highly ranked schools is the best way to promote upward social mobility for minorities. Many people of lower class cannot afford to give their children a good education, unless the child goes to a neighborhood school that has a depletion of resources and will not aid to upward social mobility. Access to a low cost or free education in a highly ranked school will lead to higher incomes and upward job mobility.
Education plays a prominent role in promoting social mobility. In modern societies, having a higher education is a very important factor for employers to determine which jobs people enter. With the availability of an affordable higher education, job positions will definitely increase. People who are from an advantaged social class have a relatively higher chance to embark on a fulfilling educational career, along with gaining higher level qualifications than those from less advantaged classes (Lawton). This implies that peop...

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...monetary and fiscal policy, including federal and state governments’ tax and expenditure policies, have had important effects on the increasingly unequal distribution of income in our society.
Social mobility is an achievement that comes far and few. Rising up and moving up the levels of social class is a long and hard journey, but the first way to achieve upward social mobility is through the access of affordable and highly ranked schooling. Which is basically education. Lower income households do not have enough money to be able to afford to give their children a good education, unless the child goes to a neighborhood school that has a depletion of resources and will not aid to upward social mobility. With access to a low cost or free education in a highly ranked school, it will lead to an advance in social equality, higher income, and upward job mobility.

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