Affirmative Action For Minority Students Essay

Affirmative Action For Minority Students Essay

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On March 6th, 1961, an executive order was passed by president John F. Kennedy that required government employers not to discriminate against any employee or applicant for employee based on their race, creed, color, or national origin. This executive order was called Affirmative Action. It was designed to make sure employers recognized different races when picking out candidates for jobs of applicants to universities. Even after establishing equal rights, not everyone treated each other equally, so this was a good solution at the time. Affirmative Action gave a boost to minority students based on grades, so it was easier for them to get into harder schools. But over time, this solution turned into a problem, as everyone had already established equal rights. Some whites and asians applied for universities, but were denied because their grades were not up to standards for their racial group. They were, however, enough to meet standards of minority students, so minority students ended up going to the same schools, even though they had lower grades than non-minority students, who were denied. Because non-minority students were denied admission even though they were more qualified to attend the school than minorities, they filed lawsuits, and all of the Affirmative Action cases have got the Supreme Court turned upside down on what decision they should make. Affirmative Action should be abolished because it solves a problem that no longer exists, it perpetuates social division, and causes reverse discrimination.
Some might argue that Affirmative Action is still useful today because it recognizes minorities. In an article written by Dan Slater, Slater uses Theodore Eisenberg, a law professor at Cornell, and his statement as an example. ...

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...nd it reverses discrimination. Affirmative Action was created to recognize minorities, but now it just blindlessly rewards them. This can lead to many disadvantages for non-minority students, where in addition to all of the hard work they have to do, they have to work extra to ensure they get into a good school or job, while minorities get easy access. Sure, Affirmative Action has some good sides to it, but that was when it was first created, so it serves no real purpose now. Minority students who are given extra support and make it to harder schools do bad because they are not qualified for them, and the students who should have taken their place end up going to less prestigious schools. In the end, everyone loses. We need to find a way to get the government to abolish Affirmative Action and end the executive order passed more than 50 years ago that no longer works.

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