Advertising and Media are Too White Essay

Advertising and Media are Too White Essay

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Advertising and media are too white

“Based on national demographic data, 9.6% of advertising managers and professionals should be African American. The actual percentage in 2008 was 5.3%, representing a difference of 7,200 executive-level jobs” (carter 2). Media is too white; Advertising shows a lot of racism. Ads are mostly intended for white people since most of them only show whites. Advertising and media are too white because the percentages of other races other than white are low, society prefers light skin over dark and agencies eliminate color candidates first.
The percentages of races other than white are low. “If you think about it the proportions by race in advertising are something like the proportions that we have in the U.S.—about 64.7% white, 16% Hispanic, 12%black, 4.5% Asian, and 1.5% native American”(Howell 1). As seen in the previous quote, it confirms that the percentages of other races are way lower than the percentage of whites working in advertising. It should be like that though, media should influence being multiracial. Howell, Llewellyn D. concedes that: “there are racial preferences that run from dark to light” (Howell 2). There are preferences in races that should be allowed. Why should white be better than dark? Dark people are less seen on T.V.; when they are seen they promote an urban image of themselves or show how rare black people are among whites. For example, in some T.V. shows you see four white couples and one black couple. And the black couple is most of the time the couple who has more kids and has lees money. Carter, Kelly E. asserts that: “Racial discrimination in advertising is 38% worse than in the country’s overall labor market” (Carter 1). It’s astonishing how media can be so racist t...

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...olor candidates first. Discrimination shouldn’t be allowed in media. Media is seen by all races which mean all races should be allowed to participate and shouldn’t be denied to have the opportunity to do their skin color. The color of skin shouldn’t impact if you get hired or not it should be your effort the color shouldn’t be something that stops anyone from been happy.

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