Adult Education And Its Effects On Consumer Behavior, Investment Education Programs

Adult Education And Its Effects On Consumer Behavior, Investment Education Programs

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It is true, and as the authors clearly state, we live in times of economic uncertainty. The background relates to a world debt crisis coupled with high unemployment rates as a communal concern, this calls for FLE, Financial Literacy Education, more so for all adult learners in a system that grows in complexity. Previous studies inform about adult education and FLE efforts. Existing studies explore issues in FLE and the effects of FLE on consumer behavior, investment education programs and goals, and FLE effects on the community and in the workplace.
Other studies presented focused more on money populations, such as low-income; others had ties to the economic focus of specific populations such as women and ethnic populations. This study tends to be grounded in the economic models and theories of behavioral change, not in adult learning theories. For the author’s feel there is little understanding about how FLE educators ' beliefs influences teacher practices when teaching overall FLE, and of how to teach while taking into account cultural the context of learners.
Researchers in adult education have noted educators ' beliefs about teaching have an enormous impact on what they do with practice. Beliefs are “and indicator of the decisions individuals make throughout their lives” (Tisdell, Taylor, & Sprow Forte, 2013). The purpose of the qualitative study was to discuss primarily the findings from a mixed-method study relating to educators ' beliefs about teaching and their attempts to make their teaching more culturally responsive. In addition, a larger study was conducted to examine how financial literacy educators teach adults from underserved population groups in community based settings, focusing on teacher’s beliefs abo...

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...e observations took place in the classrooms, is the interpretations made by the educators emphasizing a particular group needs and those of their sub-cultures and being culturally relevant as their own bias saw it fit.
Implications for practice should include a change in how the curriculum is allowed to be published. It should require a clause in legislature addressing the general public and a printing guideline representative in pictures, format and language and style according to the population groups being targeted. Printing should be adapted and revised, with the help of professionals and from the people meant to serve.
If the FLE educators had been randomly selected, as opposed to picked from their most appropriate, culturally relevant teaching, which other items, additional to, would have been consider for drafting interview questions for FLE? END of Rpt. 3

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