Adolescent Delinquency And Juvenile Delinquency Essays

Adolescent Delinquency And Juvenile Delinquency Essays

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Adolescents who engage in the onset of illegal acts have various problems in self-control, low self-esteem and maintaining even temperament. Many times they suffer from ODD, (Oppositional Defiant Disorder) (DeLisi, Angton, Behnken, and Kusow 59). They may come from dysfunctional families, have problems with disobedience, anti-social behavioral problems in the school setting and home environment with their family and peer social relationships (DeLisi, Angton, Behnken, and Kusow 59). Low socioeconomic status has an implied effect on parenting by the economic disadvantages and their impact on the emotional development of the adolescents (Barrett, Katsiyannis, Zhang, and Zhang 123). Adolescents may have been referred from Child Protective Services as a result of abuse, have learning disabilities, or other emotional and behavioral disabilities (Barrett, Katsiyannis, Zhang, and Zhang 113). They may also suffer from mental health diagnosis or disorders that result in delinquent behavior (Barrett, Katsiyannis, Zhang, and Zhang 113). The analysis of adolescent delinquency by juvenile justice departments in the United States intake more than 2.5 million juveniles each year (Barrett, Katsiyannis, Zhang, and Zhang 113).
Forty-four studies including 28,401 adolescents with ODD showed behaviors that portrayed physical aggression, lying, and deceitful behavior (DeLisis, Angton, Behnken, and Kusow 59). These behavioral problems can cause adolescents to engage in alcohol, drug, and substance abuse, sometimes the abuse will start with alcohol or prescription drugs from home (DeLisi, Angton, Behnken, and Kusow 59). This subjects adolescents to the expansion of mental health issues, future marital problems, unemployment, and welfare dependency (Barr...

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...ning (Kurtz 681).
Multisystemic Therapy is the most important development in the treatment of adolescent offenders, involving family therapy (Kurtz 685). It focuses on keeping the use within their social and family relationships and uses family and behavioral therapy to intervene (Kurtz 685).
In conclusion, there have been many changes in the juvenile justice system concerning adolescent delinquency. Peer/group influence, poor school performance, drug and alcohol abuse, psychological disorders, socioeconomic problems, social media, and dysfunctional family relationships can serve as predictors of adolescent delinquency. The high numbers of adolescent youth involved in violent and property crimes is shocking. It appears that more counseling services that address family environments and neglectful parenting involving inadequate supervision and monitoring are needed.

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