Admissions Essay To The University of Houston Law Center

Admissions Essay To The University of Houston Law Center

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I would appreciate an opportunity to attend your university to help fulfill my aspiration of becoming a eminent sports attorney. Growing up a native Houstonian, I have always been enamored with studying law at the University of Houston knowing of all the prestige it proudly displays. I knew I wanted to be a lawyer, but I didn’t know exactly how I wanted to carve my niche in the legal world.
When I was accepted into the University of Oklahoma, I was not aware of the tradition or prestige that the football team carried. Moreover, I had no idea about the honor it was to don the crimson and cream in the arena of athletics. And, I never envisioned rooming with them. I enjoyed sports, but I loved reading and writing more. Initially, I was focused on building a collegiate career that one day would propel me to my goal of studying law. Yet, the more time I spent interacting with the athletes, the more parallels I noticed between their personalities and mine. Their diligence, perseverance and compassion were all traits that I could identify with since they were reflective of me. For the most part, the majority of the athletes were hungry to achieve and they desired knowledge at all costs; a combination that still resonates with me today.
As I became more involved with campus life, I couldn’t find a way to immerse myself in preparing for a career in law. While I knew why I wanted a law degree, I couldn’t conceptualize what I wanted to do with it. Prior to college life, my familiarity with the legal system was by way of internships with judges and lawyers. Clearly, that traditional route perked my interest but not my passion. Living with the athletes affirmed my interest in their culture. I began to immerse myself in subjects surro...

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...hat of how to apply law effectively. Now, I’m able to participate in casual conversations about sports, but I’m more interested in conversing about the structures of free agency, labor-related issues and the drafting and negotiation of contracts.
Attending the University of Houston Law Center would afford me the opportunity to gain an education I know only they could offer. The University of Houston is a first-tier institution that constantly produces superior talent that continuously excels in all fields of law. Earning my degree of jurisprudence would be the crowning achievement in my life, but knowing that I couldn’t be able to use it effectively would be as equally disappointing. Coming full circle, I’d use my degree to make a difference for those privileged and those who aren’t alike. The realm of law is where I feel I belong and I’m eager to prove myself.

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