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Admission to Bastyr University Essay

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Bastyr is the only internationally recognized university as a pioneer in natural medicine. Bastyr has the finest school of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in the country. This is only university granting a regionally and professionally accredited Doctorate in the United States; taught by the leading integrative medical educators in the world. Additionally, Bastyr’s DAOM program is the foremost leader of research in my areas of interest, which are oncology and advanced Pain management.
The field of Oriental Medicine with a specialization in oncology and advanced pain management is of strong importance to me since cancer has touched the lives of people who are very dear to me.My maternal family is from Anniston, Alabama. Anniston is known as one of the most toxic cities in the United States due to the Monsanto’s Chemical Factory producing PCB (Polychlorinated biphenyls) and knowingly polluting the area. My grandfather died of lung and brain cancer from working in the chemical plant that produces PCB. My mother previously survived thyroid cancer 30 years ago and a cousin who resides in Anniston currently has terminal brain cancer. In addition, cancer is 33% higher in the African- American community than in other races.
Having been born into a family of three generations of outstanding physicians, the drive to succeed and to be of service to humanity is etched in my genetic makeup. I strongly believe that being a member of Bastyr’s academic body will provide me with the tools that will enable me to accomplish my aspirations and join the list of Bastyr alumni known worldwide by their remarkable achievements. I am equipped to pursue my ambition of becoming a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at Bastyr University wi...

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...l office of public health, where I worked on the administrative patient care management team which was developed through AmeriCorps. I am by nature a compassionate person, and I have found that my nurturing demeanor helps to put patients at ease in what can at times be a stressful or intimidating situation.
I know that I possess the background, ability, and motivation to make a significant contribution to oncology and advanced pain management. I look forward to building a substantial educational foundation which I hope to constantly improve upon by staying abreast of any advances in the field of TCM. I believe that Bastyr University will provide me the academic community and rigor to more develop my aptitude for advance research. I hope you will make a favorable decision regarding my admission to the Doctoral program and I look forward to joining Bastyr University.

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