Addiction Is A Disease That Claims Many Victims Across The Globe Essay

Addiction Is A Disease That Claims Many Victims Across The Globe Essay

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Addiction is a disease that claims many victims across the globe. Addiction does not discriminate on gender, rate, or social status therefore claiming anyone who crosses its path. Even though addiction has horrible consequences such as torn relationships between family and friends, health/metal issues, loss of property and belonging, loss of freedom (prison time), and etcetera; people wonder what causes or pushes other people to fall to addiction? While there are countless reasons why people fall to addiction there could be a deeper reason running down to the biological level. This means that a person’s biology could affect why people have and cannot escape addiction.
Everyone has millions and millions of neurotransmitters that send messages to and from the brain. Neurotransmitters have the ability to send messages about practically anything going on in or around the body. A specific type of neurotransmitter that affects people with drug addictions to any opiate, such as heroin or morphine, is called an endorphin. Endorphins are simply the neurotransmitters that affect ones happiness or “feel good” feelings. Just because everyone has endorphins that are supposed to make them feel good or have lesser pain that does not mean that people will not turn to something else seeking the same affect due to the fact that endorphins do not provide a constant feel good and pain relief affects. Once someone uses an opiate drug the brain will actually reduce or stop the production of endorphins, which would cause and intense discomfort and withdrawal (Myers, 2014). This means that once someone has done a drug that is an opiate that they are at a high risk of addiction because their body will no longer be producing the endorphins that they need ...

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... influenced by other factors. Biological factors can affect why or how people fall to addiction. Endorphins can easily be weakened or not function properly causing people to have an addiction to drugs that will do its job and similarly the hypothalamus can be tricked into becoming dependent on alcohol or drugs for its effects. The frontal lobe and sensory cortex are parts of the brain that can be affected by addiction and the effects of the addiction will cause the user to keep using to have the effect that the drug or alcohol gives their frontal lobe and sensory cortex. Finally addiction can also be affected/caused by the environment and the epigenetic effects. Overall while there are many reasons people develop addictions that have nothing to do with their biology it is very possible that biology has a larger effect on addiction than people might think or believe.

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