Adaptive Behavior And Abnormal Behavior Essay

Adaptive Behavior And Abnormal Behavior Essay

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Psychology is the deliberation of the mind and behavior and it pursues to assimilate people by comprehending mental function and social behavior. It reconnoiters the neurobiological and physiological developments that can initiative cognitive functions and behaviors. However, which motivates to apprehend mental procedures that thrusts psychologists to learn about the normal and abnormal behavior. And how we people adapt to these behaviors. Which bring us to question how we differentiate between adaptive and abnormal behavior? Both behaviors are completely different from each other because every society and culture has different understanding and perspective of adaptive and abnormal behaviors. What we believe as being adaptive and abnormal behavior might not be same for someone else.
Behavior presents as the approach in which a person behaves, whether they can imitate to the standards, or whether they cannot imitate to the standards. It’s up to the person which behavior they want to adapt to and what not. Adaptive behavior discusses to a person’s social obligation and independents enactment of daily activities. Adaptive behavior incudes skills such as interacting and communicating with other people, independent living skills such as shopping and cleaning, personal care (eating, dressing and grooming), practical academics (reading, computation), and engaging in appropriate social interactions. Adaptive behavior is a comprehensive province of elaboration that signifies to a child’s aptitude to utilities autonomously in his or her setting. Adaptive skills are progressive, which means that a child would learn skills with age and experience.
Adaptive behavior standardizes essential responses, actio...

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...ferent because I have seen in Hindu culture they follow this tradition or probably in other part of the world too. Every culture has their own way of showing respect to the elders. The Japanese have this tradition for Valentines Day where the women give chocolates to men that they like, which accentuates traditional Japanese culture of substandard benevolent gifts to their superiors. Traditionally it has been presenting a protagonist of women to oblige the men. Usually I have seen men giving gifts to women on Valentines Day.
Well, for the new Yorkers in wouldn’t be a problem because in America all cultures are accepted and treated equally. I believe it is also beneficial in sort of way because the New Yorkers get to know little about every culture. By knowing different cultures shouldn’t sounds so odd to New Yorker about other people’s culture?

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