The Achievement Levels Of The Middle Scores Essays

The Achievement Levels Of The Middle Scores Essays

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1.) Norm-referenced tests (McMillan, p.148)
a.) Comparisons of scores across a larger group of similar characteristics (gender, age, grade level)
b.) ACT and SAT tests are norm-referenced tests used by colleges and universities to compare scores of incoming freshmen students from around the country, to consider acceptance.
2.) Credibility (McMillan, p.302)
a.) The degree of being trusted and information provided is accurate
b.) Teachers are held credible in their ability to deliver content materials that prepare students for state mandated assessments.
3.) Median (McMillan, p.125)
a.) The middle scores once all scores are lined from least to greatest
b.) The achievement levels on the FCAT ranges from a scale of 1-5, with level 1 being the lowest, and level 5 being the highest. Based on the standards, the median score on the FCAT is level 3.
4.) Triangulation (McMillan, p.109)
a.) Using a variety of sources to address the same issues/ questions.
b.) Teachers often use triangulation techniques hen providing semester grades for students. We use a combination of quantitative (test scores, running records, etc) and qualitative (teacher notes) notes to justify grades.
5.) Stability (McMillan, p.138)
a.) Providing an estimated reliability of an instrument by giving the same instrument twice
b.) When introducing new teaching strategies, teachers give pre and post tests at the beginning and end of a lesson to assess the effectiveness and stability of the new strategy.
6.) Criterion-referenced (McMillan, p.149)
a.) The comparing and measurement of student performance to an already imposed standard or performance task.
b.) Most teacher-made tests are criterion referenced tests.
c.) At the end of the lesson, Mrs. Smith gave student a 2- ques...

... middle of paper ...

...pared the test results. In the event of the assessments being reliable, the student should score approximately the same score both times.
24.) Validity (McMillan, p.131)
a.) Assessing the appropriateness of a certain measure through inferences
b.) The FCAT maybe valid in capturing how much a student may know at the time taking the test. But, it may also be invalid for assessing the teacher’s effectiveness of teaching and delivering content materials.
25.) Research (McMillan, p.5)
a.) Intentional, organized, or purposeful gathering of information as it pertains to a certain topic
b.) Research studies on the NCLB Act of 2001 were performed to assess the effectiveness of the policy in decreasing achievement gaps through several mediums. Researchers used both, qualitative and quantitative research methods to collect data. They used surveys, interviews, observations, etc.

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