Accountancy Is Based On An Intricate And Detail Oriented Profession Essay

Accountancy Is Based On An Intricate And Detail Oriented Profession Essay

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Accountancy is based on an intricate and detail-oriented profession. Accounting professionals deal with numerical figures on a daily basis, and the slightest error could cause major issues within a company’s financial department. Accountants prepare and analyze financial documents. Ensuring a business’s financial records and taxes are paid properly and efficiently is a major part of an accountant’s job. In addition to preparing financial records, an accountant may also perform audits, process monthly payrolls, prepare budgets, and implement new and improved accounting control procedures (“What Does an Accountant Do”, 2015). A degree in accounting does not mean that one has to become an accountant. There are many job opportunities available for a graduate with a bachelor’s degree. Actuary, commercial banker, credit and collection specialist, and management consultant are just a few career avenues that one with an accounting degree could follow.
The majority of entry-level accounting positions require, at minimum, a Bachelor’s degree in accounting. Although obtaining a bachelor’s degree is acceptable in many cases, some employers prefer applicants to have a master’s degree in either accounting or business administration with a concentration in accounting (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2015). Some positions, such as accounting clerks and bookkeepers, may require only an associate’s degree as long as the applicant has some on the job accounting experience to go with the education. One way to gain experience, while completing the educational requirements, is through an internship with an accounting firm or a corporation’s accounting department. Upon receiving your degree in accountancy, you may choose to become a certified public acco...

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...e company in which I currently work. Educationally speaking, I have obtained my associate’s degree, and I will complete the requirements for my bachelor’s degree by December 2016. Upon completion I hope to have all the educational requirements and the experience for employment with a top financial firm.
Education and experience are the two qualities an accountant needs to have a successful career. It is easy to get the education if you pass your college courses, but sometimes the experience can be hard to come by unless you are willing to take a lower paying position than you may desire. The best way to jump start your career as an accountant is to intern while in college or to obtain an entry level position at a company, and work your way up to the status you really want. The road to becoming an accountant can be an exciting, beneficial, and monetarily worthwhile.

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