Academic Success And Social Status Of A Student Essay

Academic Success And Social Status Of A Student Essay

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Kindergarten is a time of exploration and adventure in which an individual begins their educational journey. This first year sets the stage for the academic success and social status of a student for years to come, and a blunder during this time can be detrimental to an individual, especially in regards to the social aspect. If deemed an outcast during this time, especially by a student who has been assigned to the upper caste, it is likely that they will be unable to move up in their system; however, it can be done.
In my first few weeks of Kindergarten, things appeared to be going smoothly. I made a number of friends and fell comfortably into what could be considered the middle social caste in the overall hierarchy. I was especially close to two girls; however, one of them found herself easily rising to the top of the social hierarchy that was beginning to form. As her social status rose I was slowly pushed out of the group of friend that I had cultivated. When I would spend time with my other friend, who was much nicer, the girl who had become popular would manage to convince her to go do something else, leaving me behind. With each passing day, this isolation became worse as the friends I had once spent my recess with were not allowed to associate with me at her command. If they didn’t listen, she said they would be kicked out of the “group,” which, at the time, was social suicide. I, however, was still attempting to maintain my position, hanging onto the outskirts of the group, trying to grasp at some form of socialization. One day this girl promised that I would be allowed back into the group, but only if I passed a test. Looking back, I can see that this “test” was comparable to a juvenile form of hazing. There was a row of...

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...r, someone has the skills to communicate with others in a way that is not off-putting they may be able to use this system successfully.
Movement through the levels can help a person not only become increasingly self-confident, but also help them shake off the stereotypes that were put on them in the class that they previously inhabited. It can also lead to someone gaining a happier perspective on life. When we are surrounded by people who have similar interests, ideas, or maturity level as ourselves, we will be able to make friends more easily. Instead of being alone or with the company of people who we don’t enjoy we will have others who we can truly consider friends. This in my mind is the true reason for movement in the social class system. An individual will be able to find a place in which they belong and feel like they can truly be accepted for who they are.

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Essay on Academic Success And Social Status Of A Student

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