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-She is an old spinster (virgin) who has been described as “a ghost” in this novel because she is as all the other women who were living in the time of the civil war and lost their husbands. “Miss Coldfield in the eternal black which she had worn for forty-three years now, whether for sister, father, or nothusband none knew,”(2).
She is the only female narrator among this narrative union. She narrates the story of the aggressive life of Thomas Sutpen as the only living link between the past and present. “the lonely thwarted old female flesh embattled for forty-three years in the old insult” (9).
- She is younger than her sister Ellen , who was Sutpens wife, by 27 years.
-May be because she is apoet, her narration is very enchanting. When she narrates, Quentin imagines the time when sutpen came to Jefferson in 1833 as if he was with him.”Then in the long unamaze Quentin seemed to watch them overrun suddenlythe hundred square miles of tranquil ...”(3). More over, when Rosa disscused her family story Quentin pectures all the characters withen the story.

Sutpen’s story from Miss Rosa Narration:

In 1909, Rosa wrote a letter to Quentin asking him to visit her house because she wants to tell him about the cause of her family pain, a man named Colonel Thomas Sutpen. when Quantin comes, Rosa narrates Sutpen’s story from her own perspective, also she hints that Quentin will publish her story as a short story in a magazine when she says: “Perhaps you will even remember kindly then the old woman who made you spend a whole afternoon sitting indoors and listening while she talked about people and events you were fortunate enough to escape yourself when you wanted to be out among young friends of your own age ”(5).
However, Mr Compson has another reason when Quentin shows him his queries about whyMiss Rosa chooses him to listen to her story. Mr. compson says:
It’s because she will need someone to go with her— ... she choseyou because your grandfather was the nearest thing to afriend which Sutpen ever had in this county, and sheprobably believes that Sutpen may have told yourgrandfather something about himself and her, about that engagement which did not engage, that troth which failed to plight.

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Might even have told your grandfather the reason why at the last she refused to marry him. And that your grandfather might have told me and I might have told you. And so, in a sense, the affair, no matter what happens out there tonight, will still be in the family; the skeleton (if it be a skeleton) still in the closet. She may believe that if it hadn’t been for your grandfather’s friendship, Sutpen could never have got a foothold here, and that if he had not got that foothold, he could not have married Ellen. So maybe she considers you partly responsible through heredity forwhat happened to her and her family through him (7-8).
Any way, from the very begginning of Rosa narration, it is obivious that she knows nothing about Sutpen’s childhood. in 1833, and before Rosa was born, this man suddenly inters her family life when he was 25 years-old, and be a husband of her sister Ellen, whom Rosa now thinks he never loves. Rosa says :” all he would need would be Ellen’s and our father’s names on wedding license (or onany other patent of respectability) that people could look at and read just as he would have wanted our father’s (or anyother reputable man’s)”(11).
So after Sutpen’s and Ellen’s got marriage, they had a daughter and a son-Judith and Henry-. It seems that Sutpen gets all what he needs to be a respectable man, but unfortinatly Ellen died and she left three children if we take in our consedration that Rosa still a child also. As she confesses here: “Yes. I was born too late. I was a child who was to remember those three faces (and his, too)” (17). therefore Rosa speaks about her sister marriage obscurely, but she was sure that it was not that happy marriage. Rosa speaks about some little thing which still stock in her mind and prove that Ellen was not happy with that man and she fased a tough marrige with him. Rosa says:
he never entered this house again after he and Ellen married. I was young then; I was even young enough to believe that this was due to some stubborn coal of conscience, if not remorse, even in him. But I know better now. I know now that it was simply because since papa had given him respectability through a wife there was nothing else he could want from papa and so not even sheer gratitude, let alone appearances, could force him to forego his own pleasure to the extent of taking a family meal with his wife’s people. (22)

Actually Rosa has not a lot to say about Sutpen because she rarly met him and she know nothing about him, but she never feel comfort for this man. Rosa speaks about her suffring after her sister died she never forgets her sister’s voice when she asked Rosa to protect her cheldren even if she was younger than them by almost five years. When Rosa was 20 years old her father her sister died, she move to live with her only living nephew Juidith while Sutpen was at war but when he came back he hardly recognized Rosa because it had been long years since he saw her. How ever after Sutpen thinks about his lost son and this son, Henry might not come back. He decides to ask Rosa to marry him to get a new son, and she agree with this proposal because she was an orphan and this is the only way to get survive. She engaged with Sutpen just for one year and then she got devorce because she recognizedthat she was like her sister. He never loved them. He asked her to give him a son then he will marry her. She leaves his Hundred and lives in Jefferson untill she died as an old spinster.
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