Case Study: Rosa Lee Cunningham's Case

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Rosa Lee Cunningham is a 52-year old African American female. She is 5-foot-1-inch, 145 pounds. Rosa Lee is married however, is living separately from her husband. She has eight adult children, Bobby, Richard, Ronnie, Donna (Patty), Alvin, Eric, Donald (Ducky) and one child who name she did not disclose. She bore her eldest child at age fourteen and six different men fathered her children. At Rosa Lee’s recent hospital admission to Howard University Hospital emergency room blood test revealed she is still using heroin. Though Rosa Lee recently enrolled in a drug-treatment program it does not appear that she has any intention on ending her drug usage. When asked why she no longer uses heroin she stated she doesn’t always have the resources to support her addiction. Rosa Lee is unemployed and receiving very little in government assistance. She appears to
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She knows that they picked cotton in North Carolina before coming north a short time before she was born in Washington but she doesn 't know much else. As the firstborn girl Rosa Lee’s role was set by the Southern traditions. For the older daughter, her mother is so dependent on her account in the household that the younger ones will have opportunities that Rosa Lee never had. Most of Rosetta’s other children don’t share the same views of their mother as Rosa Lee. They remember her as a woman working hard to keep her family together under difficult conditions. While Rosa Lee was still in the early years at Giddings Elementary school, her smoldering resentment caused her to silently reject her mother 's vision of her future she was determined that domestic work was not going to be the way she survived. Rosetta gave birth to twenty-two children some of them died before reaching adulthood. Rosa Lee became accustomed to bedrooms crammed with too many people and living rooms with no room for private conversation (Dash,
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