Essay on Aboriginal Female And Female Offenders

Essay on Aboriginal Female And Female Offenders

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Aboriginal women account for 24.9% of the general population and 32.5% of the incarcerated female population (Amey Bell, Shelly Trevethan & Nicole Allegri, 2004). Aboriginal female offenders are also responsible for violent crimes (Bell et al., 2004). Aboriginal female offenders have an adverse childhood; the childhood for Aboriginal women are centred around family violence, instability and substance abuse (Colleen Dell & Jennifer Kitty, 2012). The Canadian government is attempting to solve the over representation by implementing bills such as 718.2(e) (Gillian Balflour, 2012). This becomes a challenge to the correctional system since Aboriginal female inmates account for a great number of the prison population despite the bill 718.2(e).
Aboriginal female inmates have become a challenge in corrections since they account for a large number of inmates. Aboriginal female inmates are not treated fairly since there is stigmatization attached to them, this becomes a challenge to the offender since they may not receive equal treatment (Debra Parkes & Kim Pate, 2008). Aboriginal female inmates are also seen as deserving for victimization since they are dependent on drugs (Dell & Kilty, 2012). The marginalization Aboriginal women face can also determine their reintegration and quality of program.
This also becomes a challenge to correctional personnel since there is a prominent culture barrier between the inmate and staff. The correctional staff may also have their preconceived judgment towards Aboriginal women. Moreover, it is vital for the staff to understand and acknowledge the past of the Aboriginal women (Dell & Kilty, 2012). This creates challenge in corrections since Indigenous women have disparities with the rest of the priso...

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...mates, they may be using the same technique with female inmates, therefore creating a harsh environment, additionally, if incarceration is too punitive, the individual is likely to reoffend (Zinger, 2006). This causes a challenge for the community since the offender can potentially be responsible for another crime, endangering the public. Harsh security approaches in prison have negative outcomes in consideration to public safety (Zinger, 2006).
Mentally ill female offenders face great hardship, which may be a result of victimization (Griffiths & Murdoch, 2014). Aboriginal female inmates are over represented in Canadian corrections due to their systemic backgrounds (Dell & Kilty, 2012). Cross-gender staffing can put female offenders in an unwanted position since they may be afraid of their superiors. These are all an ongoing challenge for the Canadian corrections.

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