Abdominal Crunches are a Real Pain Essay

Abdominal Crunches are a Real Pain Essay

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Crunches can be a real pain in the neck. Although this popular exercise helps strengthen your rectus abdominis at the front of your waistline, if you're a newbie to exercise, or if your form is poor, it can do more harm than good, and strain your neck. Gradually building up your abdominal strength and mastering proper form is essential to get the most out of crunches.
About Abdominal Crunches

Although crunches don't spot reduce fat from your tummy, they do strengthen your abs, and as part of your core, strong abs can alleviate lower back pain, and improve your athletic performance, balance and stability. (See References 1) Traditional crunches are done by lying face up on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat, or with your knees directly above your hips and your lower legs parallel to the floor. You then cradle your hands behind your head for support, and raise your head and shoulder blades off the floor to bring your rib cage toward your pelvis. (See References 2)
Mistakes Made During Crunches

There are many mistakes made during crunches that can put excessive strain ...

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