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Abdominoplasty Today, for achieving a flat and firm abdomen, many of us strive for intensive weight loss and exercise. However, in some cases, these methods fail to achieve the desired goals. A loose, protruding or sagging abdomen is also witnessed in individuals with normal body weight and proportion. The reasons may include weight fluctuations, aging, heredity or any prior surgery. Sometimes, large weight loss or multiple pregnancies may cause weakening of abdominal muscles. As a result, the skin in that region becomes stagging. One of the most common cosmetic surgery is the abdominoplasty. In a tummy tuck surgery, excess abdominal skin and fat is removed by the abdominoplasty surgeon. In addition, separate or weak muscles are also restored to create a smooth and firm abdominal profile. Abdominoplasty surgery includes two categories. Complete and partial or mini-abdominoplasty. Patients who need most of the correction are recommended for Complete abdominoplasty. Patients who require small incisions and whose fat deposits are located just below the navel are treated with mini-tummy tucks. Traditional tummy tuck makes use of surgical means to resolve these problems. However, post operation shows some side effects such as long recovery period and risk of tummy tuck scars. A type of non-surgical tummy tuck used is laser tummy tuck surgery. The advantages of laser tummy tuck procedure includes shorter recovery period, absence of tummy tuck scars, and ability to reach areas where it is impossible for traditional tummy tuck procedure to reach. Both men and women who have overall good general health are suitable candidates for tummy tuck surgery. Several reasons including dramatic or frequent weight fluctuations, and aging, may b... ... middle of paper ... ...aroplasty surgery cost may vary with different specialities. Depending upon the practitioners and different anesthetic settings, there occurs a significant change in the cost of blepharoplasty surgery. The surgeon's experience also has a great affect on the eyelid surgery price. Other factors altering the eyelid surgery cost are the number of eyelids being operated and the quantity of fat and skin to be removed. As compared to lower eyelid blepharoplasty, less work is required in upper eyelid blepharoplasty. Also, upper eyelid blepharoplasty costs less. In case, upper blepharoplasty is accompanied with brow lift surgery, then cost may vary. Some of the factors which decide the cost of blepharoplasty include the experience level of the blepharoplasty surgeon, the amount and complexity of the work that needs to be done, and the part of the country in which you reside.

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