Essay about The Abc Healthcare Center Is An Acute Care Facility

Essay about The Abc Healthcare Center Is An Acute Care Facility

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Strategy to Increase Percentage of BSN Prepared Nurses by 2020
The ABC Healthcare Center is an acute care facility that has been providing healthcare for decades in the state of Florida. This organization functions under the functional structure and practices the participative leadership model with a top down flow communication module to communicate with their employees. One of the most important recommendations of the institute of medicine (IOM) 2011 to increase the number nurses with bachelor science of nursing (BSN) degree to eighty percent by 2020 (IOM, 2011). However, this recommendation can only be possible if health care employers are willing to do their part to help nurses fulfill this recommendation (Pittman, Bass, Hargraves, Herrera, & Thompson, 2015).
Overview of Selected Organization
The ABC Healthcare Center is a 435 bed hospital that is located in an urban city with an approximate population of 100,000 in the southeast part of Florida. It is part of a larger health care system that has 13 hospitals, 18 urgent care clinics, and 2 rehabilitation centers. 80% of their patients are locally within a 10 mile radius, and the other 20% is from the central region of the state (ABC Healthcare Center, 2015). The scope of this larger healthcare organization is its values, mission, and goal to serve as many patients within the communities with compassion, dignity, respect, and trust in regardless of their race, creed, or religious background. This organization has four key metrics which are: (1) patient centered care. (2) Standardized protocols. (3) Top decline performance. (4) Financial stability. This organization has many different specialty services related inpatient and outpatient services include acute care, primary c...

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... who keep track of the nurse’s education level as it changes. This data will assist in evaluating whether or not the goal is on track
The IOM recommendation is for current registered nurses to have at least a BSN Bachelor of Science. The nursing workforce should see an increase from the current 50% to 80% by the year 2020 (Pittman, 2013). However, because of the large financial constraints, work schedule issues, lack of incentives and organizational support some nurses are finding it difficult to achieve their BSN degree. In an effort to support their employees to achieve BSN degree by the year 2020, this organization needs to truly and fully adopt the requirements for degree completion. In conclusion, following this recommendation and adaptation of policies that support nurses going back to school will ultimately help this organization attain its goal.

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Essay The Abc Health Care Center

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