A Wild Ride with Demolition Derby Essay example

A Wild Ride with Demolition Derby Essay example

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Demolition Derby
The word demolition means collisions and hitting two objects together while derby mean a race. These two words put together creates a competitive place for people to enjoy derby cars. Demolition derby drivers come from long family history of drivers. The pasion starts when they are old enough to walk, helping dad at the garage. He can remember their first demolition derby going forty miles per hour, smashing into another car and coming in third. From that moment on, he was hooked. From my experience and research, I know there is a lot of time and effort that goes into building the car, participating in the demo derby, and keeping a driver and spectators safe and these are the three areas of focus on in this paper.
The first area that is important to understand when entering demo derby is the general rules. Rules for the participants have to be followed in order to participate in the demo. These rules help to keep the playing field even. These rules can change depending on the promoter that is in charge. The promoter has the full authority to allow participants to race or to tell them that their vehicle is too over built. The participant then must put it back on the trailer and cannot participate in the derby. An example of these rules entering the right vehicle into the right class. A typical night at the derby would have five different derby classes a night. The class are determined by wheel base. A truck cannot be entered in a derby classification against a van because a truck has better motor, stronger body frame and would completely destroy the van. In an impact like this, the driver of the van could possibly be hurt.
At any derby event, some participants will have participated in many many times; ...

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...need to know. The most important is the general rules of the demolition derby. These rules tell a participant how to build their car and the requirements of the car. Rules are important when building a demolition derby car to keep the driver safe and prevent injuries like a broken nose or wrist. A broken wrist can happen by not letting go of the steering wheel when getting hit in the wheel, the steering wheel can jerk around and break a participants wrist. It is possible to break your nose by hitting someone or another participant hitting you so hard that you smash your nose on the steering wheel and break your nose. Demolition derby and regulations can make the sport fun and safe. The motto I live by when doing demolition derby's is ''Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.” by Dr. Suess. This helps me remember if I win or lose, I had fun doing it.

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