Essay on A Study On The Thyroid Cartilage

Essay on A Study On The Thyroid Cartilage

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1. Hyoid
a. This bone is parallel to the C3 vertebra, and is usually palpable while the patient swallows. (Starkey, Brown, Ryan, 2011)
b. This bone’s primary purpose is to anchor the tongue, while also holding up the larynx, allowing for speech. (Acland, 1999)
2. Thyroid Cartilage
a. The thyroid cartilage is located between the fourth and fifth vertebrae, and is usually palpable while the patient swallows. (Starkey, et all., 2011)
b. The function of this cartilage is to protect the anterior portion of the larynx, so inflammation in this area can be associated with a thyroid gland enlargement. (Starkey, et all., 2011)
3. Cricoid Cartilage
a. The cricoid cartilage is parallel to the C6 vertebra, and helps bridge the junction between the pharynx of the esophagus and the larynx of the trachea. (Starkey, et all., 2011)
b. This cartilage is most known for the thick rings that can be palpated along the patient’s throat. (Starkey, et all., 2011)
4. Sternocleidomastoid
a. The Sternocleidomastoid originates in two places: the medial portion of the clavicalar head, and the superior aspect of the sternum, and inserts on the mastoid process of the skull. (Starkey, et all., 2011)
b. It aids in the movement flexion, rotation, and lateral bending of the cervical spine. (Starkey, et all., 2011)
c. To palpate, rotate the head to allow the opposite side to protrude. (Starkey, et all., 2011)
5. Scalenes
a. There are 3 sections of this muscle group: scalene anterior, scalene middle, and scalene posterior.
b. Scalene anterior originates off the anterior portion of the transverse process of C3-C6, and inserts onto the first rib; Scalene middle originates off the posterior portion of the transverse process of C2-C7, and inserts onto the first rib; Scalen...

... middle of paper ...

...e cervical spine. (Starkey, et all., 2011)
29. Semispinalis cervicis
a. The semispinalis cervicis lies underneath the splenius muscles, and originates from the thoracic transverse processes, and inserts onto the spinous processes of the cervical spine. (Starkey, et all., 2011)
30. Longisimus capitis
a. The longissimus capitis lie inferior and lateral to the semispinalis muscles. (Starkey, et all., 2011)
31. Longisimus cervicis
a. The longissimus cervicis lie inferior and lateral to the semispinalis muscles. (Starkey, et all., 2011)
32. Longus capitis
a. The longus capitis helps stabilize with the longus colli, the cervical spine from moving anterior, thus preventing whiplash. (Starkey, et all., 2011)
33. Longus colli
a. The longus colli helps stabilize with the longus capitis, the cervical spine from moving anterior, thus preventing whiplash. (Starkey, et all., 2011)

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