A Study On Plant Photosynthesis Essay

A Study On Plant Photosynthesis Essay

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Plant photosynthesis happens in leaves and stems with green stem with a special organelle called a chloroplast. A plant leaf has tens of thousands of cells, and they contain 40-50 chloroplasts. The chloroplast, is an oval-shaped structure, and is divided by membranes into numerous disk-shaped compartments. The disk like compartments, which are called thylakoids, are placed vertically in the chloroplast and look like a stack of plates or pancakes. One stack of thylakoids is called a granum or more than one grana, the grana lie placed in a fluid known as the stroma. Inside of the thylakoids are hundreds of molecules of chlorophyll, which is a light capturing pigment used for photosynthesis. More light trapping pigments, like enzymes used to speed up chemical reactions, as well as other molecules used for photosynthesis and in the thylakoid membrane. These pigments and enzymes are put into two types of units, Photosystem I and Photosystem II. A chloroplast may have dozens of thylakoids, and each thylakoid may contain thousands of photosystems, each chloroplast will have millions of pigment molecules.
Photosynthesis is an intricate process, and because it is so long, plant biologists separate it into two stages. The first stage is the light dependent reaction(it was called the light reaction), and the chloroplast traps light energy and changes it into chemical energy which is (NADPH) and (ATP), these are two molecules used in the second stage of photosynthesis. In the second stage, this is called the light-independent reaction (it was called the dark reaction), NADPH gives the hydrogen atoms to help form glucose, and ATP gives the energy for reactions used to make glucose. The stages are literal meaning of photosynthesis, to build ...

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...he light-independent reaction starts in the stroma when the carbon dioxide molecules bind with sugar molecules called (RuBP) in a process known as carbon fixation.
With help of enzymes, six molecules of carbon dioxide connect to six molecules of (RuBP) to create six new molecules. More steps need (ATP), (NADPH), and more enzymes, rearrange the position of the carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms in these six molecules, and when the reactions are done, a new molecule of glucose has been made and five molecules of RuBP have been made. Thsi process happens more than once in each chloroplast while carbon dioxide, (ATP), and (NADPH) are available. The thousands of glucose molecules produced in this reaction are processed by the plant to make energy and is known as aerobic respiration, used as structural materials or stored. The new (RuBP) starts the cycle all over again.

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