A Study On Outdoor Group Activity Essay

A Study On Outdoor Group Activity Essay

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Topic: Wishes list Date: 01 Aug 2016 Age group: 3-5
Title of experience: Outdoor group activity
Links to the Early Years Learning Framework:
Outcome 2: “Children are connected with and contribute to their world” (DEEWR), 2009, p. 25).

Outcome 4: “Children are confident and involved leaners” (DEEWR), 2009, p. 33).
Content/ concepts being explored: “Children develop a sense of belonging to groups and understanding of the responsibilities necessary for active participation” (DEEWR, 2009, p. 26).

“Children develop problems solving, researching and investigating and co-operating skills” (DEEWR, 2009, pp. 34-35).


The activity facilitates the children to work as a team to find the answer to the wishes given by pre-service teacher. The children have to listen to the instructions and follow the rules of the game. Each given wish will include a mathematical question that requires the children provide a quick response.
It is considered as a helpful and educated game that will attract the children to participate. The activity meets the Centre’s principle is to build up a team work definition in the children’s mind and it aligns with EYLF outcomes.

Child/Children’s Background Knowledge:

The children understand that each game or activity has its rule and they have to follow the instruction. The children understand they have to listen and find the answer to the questions as quickly as they can.

Learning Objectives:

Help the children a have sense of belonging to a team. Encouraging them to incorporate and complete the team’s task with their friend, including brainstorming, interacting, discussing. This activity will help the children develop their investigating skill, problem solving and mathematical skills.


... middle of paper ...

...stand the game rules, such as some photos from the wish list. Demonstrating to the children every time introducing any game rules. Incorporate body language will give the children an explicit guideline. Learn the language that every teacher has used in this Centre to communicate with the children. Encourage Gia to use some pictures, tones of voice and other features for her next learning experience in telling a story for the children.”
Pre-service Teacher final reflection:

The Mentor’s feedback is every useful for me. That gives me a reflection on my first learning experience what I should be doing better for the next learning experience.
I will consider in providing explicit instruction in future activities. Observing and learning the methods of how other teachers do the story telling in front of the whole class is necessary for my next learning experience.

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