A Study On Los Angeles Essay

A Study On Los Angeles Essay

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I 've moved a few times; from Brazil to Connecticut, from Connecticut to NYC, to a million different residence halls, but one thing I 've never done is pack my crap up and move across the country carrying only things that could fit in a medium-sized carry on.

It 's been six months since the cross-country move, and I find myself combing through the jumbled cultures of different areas and groups of people; this place is pretty extreme. Either extremely beautiful or hideous,

Los Angeles is known for it 's glitz and glam, its beautiful people, and being the home to milliards of production lots.

What it 's not known for is strict J-walking laws, crappy tap water, and

Oh, and we can 't forget me having to find an apartment with absolutely no voice, while recovering from slight trauma from a funky AirBnb host.

Here are somethings I 've gathered from my six month experience in LA

It gets cold here

Somehow, your body manages to make you feel like it 's 0º F when it 's really just 60º F

People don 't "connect" not because they suck, even though sometimes they do

but it 's due to the physical distance

There 's no common enemy so people don 't feel the need to bond

Sure, they can bond over traffic, but in the separate car bubbles where you 're completely on their own

Or another crowd favorite; bonding over how fake everyone is which is setting your conversation up with the person for failure

Tap water is terrible

Brita filter is king. LA public water pretty much tastes like chalk, or a funky version of Horchata. As a very thirsty (not thirsty thirsty, but just plain old thirsty) person, water is the first thing on my mind during any activity. The fact that LA 's water taste like an old chalkboard isn 't ideal, but I 've b...

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...parable. For what you pay in NYC for a measly fifth floor walkup, studio, in a semi-dangerous neighborhood, you get a two bedroom apartment with a living room, decent outdoor space in a central location.

New Yorkers; you are not living as a human being if you 're struggling to pay rent for a tiny room with no window on a sixth floor walk up.

It 's so good it almost doesn 't feel real

If Disney World, were a city, it 'd be LA. Ok, let me not get ahead of
myself, it 'd be certain parts of the city, but close enough! Yeah, some people may love talking about superficial things, and they take their kale salads way too seriously, but this place has got something for everyone, and I 've finally found my piece in it. Coming from a rough situation in New York of constant exhaustion, discomfort, and stress, it 's nice to have discovered a better lifestyle here in LaLa Land.

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