A Speech On The And Of A Mass Production Plant Essay

A Speech On The And Of A Mass Production Plant Essay

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'Organize ' to arrange in a systematic way, especially on a large scale.
Shops close at 4pm on Christmas Eve - we aren 't allowed to be disorganized!
- - -
Come All Yee Disorganisers

I shall answer the question without spluttering into my coffee and without wit; I shall do my utmost to answer the question and engage in oversimplication. I 'll squash my usual satirical response in respect to the word 'organize; ' a word that commands dignity but also diminishes active spontaneity, plus ties us to CPU spreadsheets creates worry lines and frightens off humanity 's carefree decorum. When you put Christmas gifts before the word organize it automatically presumes we 're not logical beings, but elves doing a shift on a mass production plant. These are little people with marzipan 'Play-Doh ' ears who 're on zero-hour contracts working for Mr. Claus. Who magics up the clauses at whim, zero comprehension of EU Human Rights Law and the inventor of our zero-hour culture; apparently, Whitehall believes in Santa... still. Now unsurprisingly, I 've never met an elf, nor have seen their employment contract but I suspect the term organize is a priority going by their fictitious workload - for us in the real world; the word organized is totally misused. I say this without heed because you don 't really need to be organized to turn on a computer or purchase Christmas gifts; you don 't necessary require to have a process prior to turning on a device - unlike love-making, which requires foreplay before the standard formality commences.

Apparently, there 's two sexes

Unsurprisingly, there 's two sexes (male and female) of course there 's androgynous deviations between the two but to keep it 'simple, ' lets say for argument 's sake we 're all e...

... middle of paper ...

...ic FM ' - there is nothing around me remotely 'Christmassy ' I don 't want to overdo the festive spirit see while marauding over the 'Amazon ' forrests of wishlists. In regards to conforming to being organized it is imperative to not abide or be controlled by it; remember it is only the organized who 're keen to pluck out the organized card in your face. they do so, to make themselves feel less freakish. It was once the norm to go gleefully Christmas present purchasing on Christmas Eve, it is such a pity that these sane folk are not among us today. We would learn so much from them; happily singing carols in queues, joyfully telling us they 've not decorated the tree yet and stockings have to be mended after being found to have housed rodents. This happy-go-lucky era has vanished; brimming with cheerfulness we all were; so wonderfully disorganized. My ultimate aim.

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