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Quick! Look at your shoes. If your shoes have laces, they might be tied wrong. In fact, about 50% of Americans tie their shoes the wrong way, they use the wrong knot when tying their shoes. If your laces come undone, or your bows are twisted, or you double knot your shoes to prevent them from coming untied, then chances are, you tie your shoes the wrong way.
About two years ago, I took up running. I loved my new sport and entered several running events. Six months into my new hobby, I went for a run with a friend who's been running for over 20 years. During our run he said I was now a runner (because I had stuck with it for 6 months). Seconds later, he asked me if I had any running magazine subscriptions? I said no. Then while laughing, he said, “well I guess you’re not a real runner then.” I didn't give his comment much thought at the time, but a week later, I subscribed to Runner’s World magazine. After all, I wanted to be a real runner. During the first six months of my subscription, I learned things like what type of shoes I should be wearing for my foot type and stride, and how many miles I should be running each week if I expected to run any farther than 10K.
In November, I received the January 2009 issue of Runner's World. I was thumbing through it quickly, as I normally do, picking out articles that I would read in-depth later and finding online links that I would review. While scanning the pages, I found an online article by Dan Koeppel, titled “Knot Perfect” (2009). I quickly logged on to the Runner’s World website and was shocked to find out that I was in the 50% who tied their shoes wrong. In fact, I had been tying my shoes wrong for almost 40 years.
In the article, Koeppel (2009, p.1) interviews I...

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...at the time, but, in hindsight, I wouldn’t do it again. Bosses tend to not like it when subordinates point out their flaws.
Today, I'm not so fast to point out the shoe-tying faults of others. However, it's still one of the first things I notice when I meet someone. Others might notice a smile, hair, a fancy tie, or even the shoes people wear. Me? I notice laces. If you tied your shoes wrong before reading this, you just might start noticing this fault in others too!

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