A Short Story On My Brother 's Old Car Essays

A Short Story On My Brother 's Old Car Essays

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He clenched my hand tightly as he pulled me forward through the restaurant. After a quick goodbye, that felt too formal especially since this man clearly just bought us our dinner, we were out the door.
Paul didn 't own a car, only a motorcycle that I was not a fan of, so we sputtered down the road in my brother 's old car. This car needed some serious T.L.C, the upholstery was torn, the paint chipped and the muffler always back fired. I knew my brother loved this car, he bought it with his own money his sophomore year but he clearly didn 't love it enough to give it the attention it so desperately needs.
"Where are you taking me?" I asked as the excitement started to wear off. A weird stretched over me and I all I could think about was where he was taking me.
He didn 't say anything, didn 't look at me or even move a muscle in his face, he just continued to speed down the slick road. I sighed adjusting the seat belt around my next. I wasn 't the one for surprises. Last time I was taken by surprise... last time I was taken by surprise Rose was driving- I think someone else was in the car, I can’t remember. All I remember is screaming at Rose to slow down and then everything is dark until I wake up with a shock blanket wrapped around me.
"Stop the car."
He looked at me strangely, "What?"
"Tell me where we 're going or stop the car."
There was silence for a moment, He pulled the car over to the side of the road without a word. I took a deep breath and removed my seat belt. I ignored the way he stared at me as I tried to steady my breathing, I didn 't even realize I had started hyperventilating.
I felt his warm hand grasp mine, "Are you okay?"
I swallowed, "I really don 't like surprises."
"I think you 'll like this one, get o...

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...yself only knew that the three of us was close as could be, we were happy and nothing could tear us apart. Except my man stealing ways.
"Rose wasn 't the best person and I know I wasn’t either but why were we so bad?"
"Don 't forget about the quarterback, he 's not the greatest person either."
I shook my head, "That 's not true, he was the better of the three that 's for sure, I don 't know what happened in the end but he would of never purposely hurt anyone." I Ignored that he didn 't answer my initial question, I probably didn 't want to know.”
"I know what happened to him."
I looked up at him with inquisition, "you do?"
He nodded, "You."
"You, my friend, are a force to be wrecking with, falling for you can really change a man."
I grabbed his hand looking back at the sky, "There really is something metaphorically beautiful about the way they light the night."

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