A Research Study On Alzheimer 's Disease Essay

A Research Study On Alzheimer 's Disease Essay

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Genetics encircles many different aspects of life and plays a crucial role in scientific researches and discoveries. A topic researched by many scientists is the field of diseases. Diseases are highly researched because they can be life threatening or life changing. The discoveries about diseases have explanations involving genetics. There are diseases which can be caused by genetic mutations that can be inherited, and if present in a family’s genetic make-up will result in some offspring developing the disease. A few diseases caused by genetic mutations include sickle cell anemia, cystic fibrosis, and the one we will discuss in further detail, one type of Alzheimer’s disease (1). Other gene variants, or changes in a gene, can change the risk factor of developing a disease but does not directly cause the disease. In this case, the gene variant is called a genetic risk factor (1). Another type of Alzheimer’s disease has connections to genetic risk factors.
Alzheimer’s disease is a disease which destroys memory as well as other important mental processes. It is a progressive disease that slowly worsens over time (2). This disease has multiple forms, early onset Alzheimer’s disease and late onset Alzheimer’s disease. Early onset Alzheimer’s disease is generally caused by genetic mutations on genes on specific chromosomes. Late onset disease is not always caused by genetic defects, but genetic factors can increase the risk for this type of Alzheimer’s disease. Before explaining the genetic connections to Alzheimer’s, let’s not forget to discuss what Alzheimer’s is, its symptoms, and the results it has on individuals suffering from it. This disease causes dementia more frequently than anything else. Dementia causes problems w...

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