A Research Project On Adult Students Essay example

A Research Project On Adult Students Essay example

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This research project aimed to uncover motivation of adult students from Progression to Access to Higher Education (Humanities) course in Wirral Metropolitan College.
Data for this research gained from questionnaire filled-in by students. The questionnaire is anonymous to provide the confidentiality to the participants. All participants are willing and informed about the way information will be used. Ethics table completed before this research and research overlooked by tutor to assure fair practice and conformity of the BERA guidelines.
This research took place during the autumn term of the 2014 year in the premises of Wirral Metropolitan College.
This research conducted in the form of short, concise, informative and easy to use questionnaire to collect qualitive and quantitive data. The first two questions of the questionnaire were to ascertain gender and age of respondents and rest of the questions are representing motives for life-long learning. Questionnaires were completed by students in Progression to Access to Higher Education (Humanities) course class at Wirral Metropolitan College at some time in the autumn term. The participants had enough time to fill in questionnaires while they were in the class.
The main purpose of research was to find the motivators of adult learners. Unfortunately sample size was not great enough to have a valid result.
Literature Review
While searching for previously written materials found that there is notable deficiency of them. Very little was written about the motivation of mature students. There was an abundance of literature on the barriers, but this was not relevant to this research.
However, the Birkbeck University of London did detailed research into the ...

... middle of paper ...

...urse would be further education. Their next step ahead in life-long studying is planned already.

However, our study sample was too small for results to represent well founded impression of mature students and their motives to study. More valid and full picture should be obtained from college or borough wide research.
Swain Jon, Hammond Cathie, Jamieson Anne, ‘The benefits of part-time study for mature students: findings from interviews with Birkbeck graduates.’ Birkbeck University of London, 2007
Baxter Arthur and Britton Carolyn, ‘Risk, identity and change: Becoming a mature student.’ International Studies in Sociology of Education, Volume 11, Issue 1, 2001
Andrews Martin (University of Manchester), Bradley Steve, Stott Dave and Taylor Jim (Lancaster University), ‘The educational gender gap, catch-up and labour market outcomes.’ February 2006

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