A Research On The Veterinary Field Essay

A Research On The Veterinary Field Essay

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The veterinary field is one that has different types of work associated with it. For instance, one may take samples and the other would do x-rays. I have always wanted to become a vet tech because i have always grown up around animals and grown to love them. It would be a great opportunity to wake up everyday and do what i love. It seems like it would be a great choice for me because my heart is for animals. I have always loved animals and it would break my heart to see them hurt so this would be a great job that will suit me in many ways and i know i would enjoy working there. There isn 't anything that i wouldn 't want to do besides work on animals. In this speech, i will outline the job description, preparation and advantages/disadvantages of a career in veterinary technician assistant.
A veterinary technician assistant helps the veterinarian in their daily tasks. You must clean cages, life, hold, or restrain animals, take samples, x-rays, and assist in surgeries. With being a vet tech you need to be able to handle many of the same duties as a nurse in a physician 's office. They take patients vital signs and collect samples. They often monitor animals after surgery. The starting yearly salary is $23,020 and to top yearly salary is $34,000. There is 95,600 jobs for a vet tech in 2014. The job outlook is about 19%. The employment change is 17,900.
To become a vet tech, you need to go to a technical college for 2-3 years. In high school you need to take english, advanced math, and agricultural animal production if your school offers that. Ogeechee Technical college offers the vet program. To be accepted to OTC you need to take them classes in high school and do a good job on the SAT, ACT, or Compass test. You can be a intern...

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...tistics to go along with it. I will also bring in a fake animal and discuss step by step on what you do if you have an animal that has a wound and you need to properly clean it and make sure no infections will get in it and how to make sure it will heal correctly. When you clean up the wound you have to make sure you do every step right because you don 't need the wound to reopen or infection to get into the wound. The duties of a vet tech is very similar to a vet but they don 't do surgeries along. The vet tech will assist the vet in whatever they ask them to do. This is a busy job because you will be assigned to different of tasks everyday and you need to make sure you complete it and make sure it is done right. I am very excited about becoming a vet tech and being able to assist with the animals. My job shadowing has helped me in learning about my future career.

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