Persuasive Essay On Animal Science

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to look at the world from another point of view? Try looking at it from an animal's perspective. Surviving on your own, hiding from predators, and many more. Thats what zoologist do. Zoologist study the origin and development of animals species, their habits and behavior towards each other, and the way they act in different environments. They also do research to learn how animal diseases are developed and their traits are passed from generation to generation. They have a program out there called Greenpeace. Greenpeace is basically a volunteer system for people who want to learn more about animals and interact with them. Greenpeace is a very challenging job to achieve. In order to get very high in the career you start off with the basics of Volunteering and working your way up. It doesn’t really need a specific education unless working in the science field or program. In order to become a zoologist you must go through a lot of schooling and training. Schooling also depends on what branch of zoology you’re looking to go into. First of all, you should start by getting a major in zoology or biology as an undergraduate. After that you may want to get into the study of genetics, embryology, or any area in animal science. Graduates with a bachelor’s degree can get more jobs than someone who doesn’t have as much experience in advanced biological technician, but their opportunities for advancement are extremely limited. If you have earned a masters degree in zoology or a related field you are capable of getting a job as a teacher or research assistant. If you are very serious about a full-time career and plan to organize your own research projects, then you might want to get your doctorate.You also n... ... middle of paper ... ...downfall a zoologist could ever fear is if they ever have to be far away from someone close or a family member for a long time, causing them to experience emotional and psychological distress. Earnings typically vary on their education, experience, as well as the location and the type of job. Around 2004 the average income a zoologist made was roughly $50,330. Recent studies show that in 2005 zoologist who worked for the federal government, in nonsupervisory, supervisory, and managerial positions earned an annual income of $101,601. This generally includes paid holidays and vacations, insurance, and retirement plans. In my opinion working in zoology isn’t only a life changing job, but it’s a one time opportunity to work with animals you typically don’t see everyday. Regardless the risk that come with this job iit takes the right person to see it’s full potential.
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