Essay on A Report On Child Protective Services

Essay on A Report On Child Protective Services

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Child protective services (CPS) of Baltimore, MD, is housed under the Department of
Social Services (DSS), which is one of the four administrations of the Department of Human
Resources. The workforces’ recruitment is completed through the Department of Social Services,
which is seeking under the principle of merit, well qualified candidates from diverse walks of life
to serve its clients. Riccucci wrote that “Organizations that accommodate the needs and interests
of all workers, male and female of all races and ethnicities, and celebrating differences, rather
than eschew them are more likely to value the contributions diverse groups can make at the
upper levels of organization” (Riccucci, 2012). In this paper, will be discussed the Child
Protective Services organizational design, its global linkages and personnel management, its
personnel recruitment and hiring practices and its employee skills training. Furthermore, some
recommendations will be made to improve its practices in the area of recruitment and training.
Organizational Design
Organizational design is the framework around which an organization organizes people
and jobs so that its work can be performed effectively and its goals achieve. An organizational
design helps improve communication, increase efficiency, and inspire innovation. It shapes a
work place where people can work effectively. The Child Protective Services’ human resource
management, which is administered by the director of Human Resource Development and
training, is composed of a chief human resources officer, an executive administrative assistant,
an executive director of human resources operations, assistant superintendent, human resources,
manager, staff relations. They are “responsible...

... middle of paper ... various training
procedures. However, those training seems to target only the employees’ duties. So, one
recommendation will be to through training, also prepare employees for roles of increasing
responsibility and leadership, which in long run can become less costly for the agency when
looking candidates for higher position vacancies.
Campo, in Public Management in Globalization Perspective wrote that “Training will
never fix a dysfunctional system” (Campo, 2008) as there are other factors that agency should
take in account when creating incentives for better productivity. For instance, caseworkers have
always complained about their low pay and overloaded works to handle and little have been done
to address this issue and the CPS is not exempted of this. So, another recommendation will be for
the agency to make some pay reforms to address this issues.

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