A Qualitative Study Of Resilience And Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Essay

A Qualitative Study Of Resilience And Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Essay

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West Coast University
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Research Critique
Robbie Johnson


I: Citation: Mealer, M., Jones, J., & Moss, M. (2012, January 4). A qualitative study of resilience and posttraumatic stress disorder in United States ICU nurses [Electronic version]. University of Colarado School of Medicine, 1445-1451. doi:10.1007/s00134-012-2600-6
 II: Topic
 PTSD in ICU nurses
 The problem that arose and was to be acknowledged was to identify mechanisms employed by highly resilient ICU nurses so that preventative therapies could be developed to remove, control, prevent PTSD in ICU nurses due to the distractions that disrupt patient care.
 Existing knowledge
 Yes, the investigators used pilot studies to help aid them in gathering information and data needed to construct the problem that was being studied. Though the pilot studies that were being used were not clearly identified, except for the references that they provided, the problem was still described in good detail, but this could have been described in better detail.
 What can the study do for current nurses?
 Although this study could possibly solve the problem of control or prevention of PTSD in the healthcare occupation, it still raises many questions on whether or not the actual development of correct cognitive behavioral therapy will be adventitious to nurses working in the ICU. This leaves an opening for another study to be conducted on the aspect of cognitive behavioral therapy in the healthcare industry, as well as bringing upon the rise of other questions such as:
1. Will nurses become more grief stricken or anxious due to the conversations about the traumatic event that caused the diagnosis of PTSD?
2. Can this therapy be a di...

... middle of paper ...

...m on it.
With the information obtained through this study we can conduct cognitive behavioral therapy and modify positive coping skills to prevent the onset of PTSD. This is a huge discovery because if we can have less nurses working with PTSD we will cut down on the burn out rate and cut down on the anxiety levels of many nurses which will lead to less errors and could possibly help out with the nursing shortage that we are dealing with. What I learned from this study is that PTSD can affect different people in different ways. Just like with a head injury, we as humans can all have different reactions.
Mealer, M., Jones, J., & Moss, M. (2012, January 4). A qualitative study of resilience and posttraumatic stress disorder in united states ICU nurses [Electronic version]. University of Colarado School of Medicine, 1445-1451. doi:10.1007/s00134-012-2600-6

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