A Perspective Based On Knowledge Of The Truth Essay

A Perspective Based On Knowledge Of The Truth Essay

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Humans are created for relationships with one another. These relationships are diverse according to the complexities of the social institutions and culture of a given society. Beliefs have strong influences on how people respond to issues of life. The degree of exposure to an individual belief system corresponds to the level of reaction or response given to a situation. A correct perspective based on knowledge of the truth will help in managing and responding to an issue in the best way possible. Everyone may not internalize general knowledge about an issue. For example, the benefits of forgiveness are universal but not internalized and practiced by everyone. This paper looks at how three individuals dealt with their separation before their wedding and how their values relate with mine comparatively. Thus, how people deal with an issue depends on how mature they are in their moral, spiritual lives. The perspective that one has about an issue is what influences their response. 
My values gear towards unity and the pursuit of shared principles as well as aspirations in life. I welcome the diversity that each person has and contribute to the culture and humaneness that associates with real neighborliness. So, integrity is top in my list of values. This choice of integrity is because it is the foundation upon which other values stand. I learn this value from home, and the church reinforced its importance. Trust and integrity are integral values in almost all relationships. Bubna, an author, conference speaker, and senior pastor of Eastpoint Church, Spokane Valley, Washington notes that “trust is at the core of every healthy relationship” (n.p). The next value is respect for oneself and others around you. One has to have respect for t...

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...ntry. The celebrities in sports and the Hollywood entertainment industries have made the values associated with family to erode. Malachi wrote that God “hates divorce” (Mal.2.16). The family is the basic structure and function of the society. The American family values are depicted in a manner that suggests less of religion, morality, and spirituality. Divorce does not give freedom or independence but affects women emotionally (Riley n.p). Their relationships lack trust, gentility, accommodation of others ' weaknesses and respect for each other. They lack forgiveness and open-mindedness.
Thus, different people respond to issues differently. And these differences are mainly due to the perspective through which they see the problems and the level of knowledge, spirituality that they have attained in life. A correct perspective is critical to a sound and moral response.

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